Full List of Most Important One Word Substitutions With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 20

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761. A person of great learning in several languages : Polyglot

762. To make atonement for one’s sins : Expiate

763. Not suitable for eating : Inedible

764. One who listens secretly to private conversation : Eavesdropper

765. Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors : Patrimony

766. Pertaining to the west : Occidental

767. That which cannot be effaced : Indelible

768. Write or carve words on stone or paper : Inscribe

769. Fear of telling lies : Mythophobia

770. Specially skilled in story-telling : a Raconteur

771. Constant effort to achieve something : Perseverance

772. A place where soldiers live : Barracks

773. A person who is very selective, disgusted easily, and is hard to please : Fastidious

774. The thing that can be easily broken : Brittle

775. The burial of a corpse : Interment

776. A man who collects old and new coins : Numismatist

777. A person who lays too much stress on bookish-learning : Pedant

778. Drug which causes people to sleep easily : Soporific

779. One who makes an official examination of accounts : Auditor

780. The period between two reigns : Interregnum

781. One who pretends to be what he is not : Hypocrite

782. Speech of great importance and gravity : Momentous

783. The branch of the study of the principles of beauty, especially in art : Aesthetics

784. A person with strong desire to steal : Kleptomania

785. Submission to all that happens as inevitable : Fatalism

786. A place where birds are kept : Aviary

787. Unable to pay one’s debt : Insolvent

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788. One who is concerned with the welfare of others : Altruist

789. Showing a dislike of anything improper : Strict

790. Enigmatic person : Unknowable

791. A remedy for all diseases : Panacea

792. That which cannot be avoided : Inevitable

793. A brave, noble-minded or chivalrous man : Gallant

794. A recurrent compulsive urge to steal : Kleptomania

795. To send someone back to his or her own country : Repatriate

796. Falsification of documents etc. : Forgery

797. A reserve for animals, birds etc. in their natural habitat : Sanctuary

798. A statement in which you say the same thing twice in different words : Tautology

799. A system of government in which only one political party is allowed to function : Totalitarianism

800. One who is indifferent to pain or pleasure : Fatalist


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