Full List of Most Important One Word Substitutions With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 1

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1.  Animals who live in herds : Gregarious

2. Science of the races of mankind : Ethnology

3. Act of deceiving somebody in order to make money : Fraud

4. Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence : Protocol

5. Violation of something holy or sacred : Sacrilege

6. Give an receive mutually : Reciprocate

7. A person who is always hopeful and looks upon the brighter side of things : Optimist

8. Severely abusive writing in journals : Scurrilous

9. Circular building or hall with a dome : Rotunda

10. Impossible to describe : Ineffable

11. A person in his seventies : Septuagenarian

12. Concluding part of a literacy work : Epilogue

13. A person with a long experience of any occupation : Veteran

14. A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner as to cause laughter : Caricature

15. Killing of a child : Infanticide

16. The use of many words where only a few are necessary : Circumlocution

17. General view of a person’s character : Profile

18. A sly look that is lustful : Leer

19. Constant efforts to achieve something : Perseverance

20. Something no longer in use : Obsolete

21. Arrangement in order of occurrence : Chronological

22. Placing a thing beside another : Juxtapose

23. A specialist who tests eyesight : Ophthalmologist

24. The habit of always admiring oneself : Narcissism

25. A doctor who treats children : Paediatrician

26. Not to be moved by entreaty : Inexorable

27. One not concerned with right or wrong : Amoral

28. One who studies electron trends by means of opinion polls : Psephologist

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29. Succession of rulers belonging to one family : Dynasty

30. A body of persons appointed to hear evidence and give their verdict in trials : Jury

31. Something that is poisonous or unhealthy : Toxic

32. An object or portion serving as a sample : Specimen

33. Calmness and indifference to suffering : Stoicism

34. Flat metal or Porcelain plate fixed on a wall as an ornament or memorial : Plaque

35. Belief that war and violence are unjustified : Pacifism

36. To look at someone in an angry or threatening way : Glower

37. Pertaining to cattle : Bovine

38. The animals of a particular region : Fauna

39. A place where Jews worship according to their religion : Synagogue

40. One who believes that gaining pleasure is the most important thing in life : Hedonist


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