Corruption in Public Life : Essay, Paragraphs and Articles in English Language For Schools and Board Exams

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Corruption in Public Life : Essay, Paragraphs and Articles in English Language For Schools and Board Exams Students

India is a very pious land and its saints and sages have urged the people to eliminate graft and corruption from private as well as public life. But it has distorted all values and model of morality. There is hardly any sphere of social, economic, political and even religions activity that it free from deception, dishonestly and corruption of some kind. We give and take bribe in the sphere of education, government and private service, all branches of administration.

In 18th century, Edmund Burke, the great philosopher and reformer warned the world that corruption is the perennial spring of all prodigality and disorder. It was also said that a corrupt society cannot survive long. In the present era, our society is progressing, the scientific advancement and technology have spread their wings but corruption has become incompatible. A close study of history shows that dishonesty, deception and corruption, have existed all through the ages. Chanakya, the Machiavelli of India has mentioned 40 types of ways of embezzling government property. With the dawn of independence, the opportunities for bribery and palm greasing have increased greatly. We must not forget that these political parties, industries, legislators and ministers and the merchants who seek favours are definitely involved in one of the other forms of corruption.

The problem has become too difficult to solve. One can see cases of legislators and leaders becoming rich within a period of few years though initially they never possessed much. The administrative reforms commission has expressed its opinion to set up a Lok Pal having the authority of enquiring with the allegations against ministers, secretaries and others. In the present set up every man has his price. When the entire social and economic set up breathes of what is called ‘Speed Money’ to push things it is almost impossible to resist temptation.

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It is urgent that a nation-wide movement for moral regeneration should be urgently take up to root out corrupt practice.

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