The Mark of Vishnu By Khushwant Singh Summary in English Language

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The Mark of Vishnu By Khushwant Singh Full Summary and Character Sketch in English Language.

Introduction of the Story The Mark of Vishnu

In the present “The Mark of Vishnu by Khushwant Singh”, the author pin points how ignorant and superstitious people believe that all life is sacred. Gunga Ram is such a Brahmin. He holds the belief that all living creatures, howsoever dangerous, cruel and poisonous they may be should not be killed. But such blind belief, the offspring of ignorance and illiteracy, often prove catastrophic. It is a strange irony of fate that the same Kala Nag whom Gunga Ram feeds with milk daily, worships and holds sacred bits him and ends his life. Thus the author has hit hard at the unfounded superstition and blind-faith.

Gunga Ram, A Blind Devotee

The writer was school going boy. Gunga Ram was a servant in his household. He was ignorant and superstitious. He was a religious man. He worshiped the Hindu Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. But he was most devoted to Vishnu. He smeared his forehead with V. mark. He believed that all life was sacred. He advised the children not to kill the animals and birds.

Hole of a Kala Nag

There was  a snake hole in the house. A 6 feet long cobra lived there. Gunga Ram would place a saucer of milk near the hole every night. Next morning he would collect the empty saucer. He felt satisfied. He believed that the cobra would not bite anybody in the house as long as he gave it milk. There were 4 boys. They would make fun of Gunga Ram. They said that he was very stupid. The milk he offered to the cobra was drunk by a cat. This annoyed Gunga Ram. He warned the children that they would have to pay for it one day.

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The Children Broke the back of Kala Nag

One morning there was heavy rain. It flooded the hole of the snake. Gunga Ram was not at home. The snake came out of its hole. The boys saw it. They decided to catch it. They broke its back. The snake could not move. They put it in a biscuit tin. They decided to take it to their school. Gunga Ram came to know of it when he found the saucer full of milk the next morning.

Kala Nag Take to School

There was a great excitement at school when the boys handed over the tin box to their science teacher. He got ready to put the snake into the bottle of spirit. He untied the string put around the tin. The lid suddenly flew into the air. The wounded cobra raised its hood. It was in great anger. The teacher saved himself with great difficulty. The snake moved out of tin. It started crawling towards the door.

Kala Nag bit Gunga Ram

Gunga Ram appeared at the door. He saw the snake and felt sorry for it. He had brought a saucer of milk for the snake. He placed the saucer on the floor. He bent down before the cobra as a mark of respect. But the snake was a snake. It looked very angry. It hissed and bit Gunga Ram all over his head and face.

Gunga Ram’s Death

Gunga Ram fell down unconscious. The snake disappeared into a gutter. The teacher ran to him. He wiped his face. He noticed the V-mark on his forehead. The snake had bitten him at that very place. Gunga Ram lay dead.

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