Essay on Environmental Pollution : Types, Causes, Effects and Solutions

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Article / Paragraph on the Topic ‘Environmental Pollution : Types, Causes, Effects and Solutions’ or ‘Environmental Pollution : Protection and Awareness’ in English Language for students’ exam.

Our environment consists of all the physical, social and cultural factors that influence our organisms. We are abusing our natural resources, and are on the brink of extinction. We find environmental pollution in every nook and corner of the world. Environmental pollution and the gradual effects of industrialization cum urbanization are the chief reasons for our downfall. Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and Soil Pollution (Land Pollution) pose a great threat to our survival. At every step one can’t save oneself from pollution and its harmful effects. The house, the streets, the shops, the markets, the offices, the vehicles and every corner and item etc are fully polluted as these cause the spread of epidemics (diseases) like Jaundice, Cholera, Eye Sore, Bronchitis, Gastroenteritis, Cough and other fatal respiratory diseases.

We all know that tons of smoke is daily put into the atmosphere through vehicles, factories and other sources etc. It contains poisonous gases and other dust particles which are harmful for the environment. These cause many respiratory diseases like Bronchitis, Asthma and Tuberculosis. Even the burning of waste leaves, papers, fauna and plastic bags also spread the environmental pollution, and pose a great danger to the health of the living beings. Our eyes, hair and throat get adversely impaired. The maps and posters stress the need to wear masks and use anti-pollutant items while going outside the homes.

It also revealed that there are several harmful effects of the noise pollution on the body like huge noise from loudspeakers, religious centres and music shops etc. Even the water we drink, the food and vegetables we take and the air we inhale are constantly being polluted by different industries and agencies. The food is impure because it contains some elements of chemical fertilizers. Over population too vitiate our environment. Tribal people don’t know the importance of keeping their environment clean and pure. They keep their surroundings dirty, and unhygienic. Their base is full of dirt and rubbish that is harmful for their health as well as environment. So there is great necessity to keep our environment well preserved. The exhibition stressed that recent places should be made green by planting more trees and shrubs. The industries should be set up in far off places to keep the environment healthy. The vehicles should be eco-friendly and checked regularly and abide by pollution laws. In order to save the environment from harmful industrial wastes Government should implement strict laws, and guidelines.

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