Importance of Discipline in Life : Essay in English Language For Students

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Paragraph on the topic ‘Importance of Discipline in Life’ in English Language

Discipline means obedience to rules which are framed for the good of an individual and society. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sumer has defined it as “a quality that makes a person conduct his daily life in an orderly and very punctual manner. It is mental and moral training of the mind and character to produce self-control”. Every process has some rules. We follow them for the good of the society. A discipline man leads an orderly life, and is the successful man. If there are no rules, no plans or orders in life, there will be confusion. Discipline is the habit of acting in accordance with certain rules.

Discipline is necessary in every walk of life. The general good of the society depends on it. Without discipline, all the constructive activities in the society would come to an end. If everyone feels himself free to do whatsoever he likes, anarchy will prevail everywhere. We shall go down to the status of beasts.

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Importance of Discipline in Family

In every family someone acts as its head. The whole responsibility rests upon his soldiers. If the other members do not obey him, the affairs of the family can go on smoothly. Very soon, tension, differences and open disputes will crop up. Disintegration may follow.

Importance of Discipline in Playground

The players have to obey the captain who has the sole responsibility of the smooth working of the team. In case, each player plays according to his own choice or whim, the team will never win. Instead, disputes will come in, resulting in the loss of the match. On the contrary, a united team is able to win the game.

Importance of Discipline in educational institutions

Discipline is essential in educational institutions. In case, the students do not obey their teachers in the class, efficient teaching will not be possible, and consequently the results of the students in examination will be low. It will mar the career of the students.

Importance of Discipline in Nation Building

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The progress of the country is possible only if there is law and order in the country. The law and order is another name of discipline. If the citizens of the country are well disciplined, the country definitely goes on the path of the development and prosperity.

Necessary Steps to Develop the Discipline in the Youths and Growing Children

The parents should teach the children how to behave properly and go give due respects to the elders. The teachers should consider it their duty to mould the students into well-disciplined citizens by setting examples, affection, strictness and punishment etc.


In fact, discipline is more important than food or shelter. A nation can rise only if its people know the value of discipline. Discipline makes while indiscipline mars.

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Finally, discipline is the way of success.