Write a Letter to the Editor of a Reputed Newspaper Price Rising and Their Impact on the Common People

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Write a Letter to the Editor of a Reputed Newspaper Price Rising and Their Impact on the Common People.

XYZ, Andheri West, Mumbai

19th October, 2018


The Editor

The Times of India, Mumbai

                                                      Subject : Impact of Price Rising on Common People

Respected Sir/Madam,

Through the columns of your famous and reputed Newspaper “The Times of India”, I want to draw the attention of the government and its officials towards fast price-rising tendency in the markets. The common man is greatly affected by this sudden price hike. You know that millions of people come under the poverty line in India. Many people have to purchase their necessities on daily basis. They cannot store them in bulk. When people, especially who have low income, find a particular goods at higher prices, they become perturbed.

Sometimes due to high prices, certain commodities do not appear in the markets. Prices of the goods like households, edibles etc. are not constant at all. These are rather on the rising scale almost every day. It is very troublesome for domestic ladies and low wage earners. For example, due to price hikes, how a poor man can afford fruits, vegetables, groceries for his family? It is obviously very difficult for him. It looks hoarders are doing a booming business at the cost of common man especially who earn poor wages. These hoarders create a planned shortage of the goods in the market and earn big profits.

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If this situation will not change soon, people of our country will not believe in the Government and its functionary. Our honorable ministers of the Government and their officers should initiate steps to check the actual reasons of the prices rising.

The hoarders who are involved in creating artificial shortage of goods in the market should be punished so that an example can be set and no one dare to do this again. The commodities which are essential can be sold on the ration shops. Price rising is a serious issue in the country nowadays and I hope that our government would realize the problems of the common man and will take necessary action to stop the sudden price rising.

Yours Faithfully

Akshay Kumar Sharma

Dilshad Garden, New Delhi

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