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Short paragraph / Article on the topic “Women / Female / Gender Empowerment” in English Language.

Human resources play a major and important role in the development of a nation as well as its economy. These include men, women and other resources that make our lives worth comfortable. We are all social beings and live in a society which is completely dependent on its human resources. Here men and women go and work side by side for the betterment of the society as well as the nation. We can see them working in offices, schools & educational institutions, banks, courts and many other establishments. We can’t allow this large segment of population to ignore.

Empowerment of women is very important as they are also one of the strongest pillars of the national income. In Russia, Japan and United States of America (USA) women do all the jobs. When Japan was ruined it could survive with the help of human resources. When a woman makes herself busy in some productive work, she benefits the family as well as the country. She also plays an important role to enhance the national income. Their partnership increases our purchasing power. When both husband and wife are employed, they are getting double packets of income. They can provide better facilities of education to their children also. The economic security that a woman enjoys does bring a cheer in the family. The entire family becomes a paradise on the Earth.

After independence more and more women are now participating in different activities in the society. More places and job opportunities have been reserved for the women. The profession of a nurse, teacher, doctor, air hostess and social workers are suitable to a woman. Mahatma Gandhi also spoke that women should be on the fore front in all fields except the military. Women empowerment is the needs of the hour, and we should pay due regards to them, and provide them more opportunities. Their security and safety is our responsibility.

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