Vedic Period and Religious Movements Question-Answer Set 1

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1 Vedic literature is also known as ? Shruti
2 Who was the founder of Vedic culture?  Arya
3 Which assembly was also called Narishta meaning a resolution that cannot be broken?  Sabha
4 Who is the most important God in Rigaveda?  Indra
5 Who of the following has opened that the original homeland of the Aryan was Arctic region?  Bal Gangadhar Tilak
6 Which one of the following Vedic Gods depicts an association with the Sun?  Ashvin
7 Who led the confederacy of ten kings against Sudasa? Vishwamitra
8 Who was the God of morality during the Rigvedic times? Varuna
9 Which Brahmana texts belongs to Atharvaveda?  Gopatha
10 The word ‘Aryan’ denotes ? Superior Race
11 The river Chenab was known during the Vedic period by the name ? Askini
12 Which Purusarthas is not a part of Trivarga? Moksha
13 Which river has not been mentioned in Rigveda?  Tapti
14 Which Vedic deity is not mentioned in the Boghazkoi inscription ? Agni
15 Which part of Rigveda gives an account of the origin of the Universe?  Tenth Mandala
16 In Rigveda, maximum number of shlokas are written in the memory of ? Indra
17 Which is concerned with origin of Indian medicine?  Atharveda
18 Who wrote the book ‘Return of the Aryans’ ? Bhagwan Das Gidvani
19 The Vedic river Vitasta has been identified with ? Jhelum
20 Which is described in Upanishad? Philosophy
21 The famous ‘Battle of Kings’ between Bharat and the host of ten kings was fought near the river ? Parushni
22 Which is the major impact of Vedic culture on Indian history? Rigidification of Caste System
23 Which is not come under Shruti Literature? Vedanga
24 The staple food of the Vedic Aryan was ? Milk and its products
25 Dasarajana was ………………….? Battle of Ten Kings
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