Value Based Education – A Remedy For Increasing Crime Rate Full Essay in English Language

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Value Based Education – A Remedy For Increasing Crime Rate Full Essay / Paragraph / Article in English Language for School Students Board Exams.

The present scenario of our country is not good. In every corner of the country one can see, terrorism, looting, accidents, rape murder dowry death etc. The modern youths are full of tensions and stresses. The problem of unemployment has engulfed the educated youths. Intelligent people are migrating to other nations in search of job and better prospects. There is much wastage in education. People getting professional degrees do not get a chance to have a hand on the jobs.

The officers have left doing their duties honestly. They expect something extra for putting any word on the file. The teachers are wasting their times in gossips. The engineers do not care about their technical works and the buildings and flyovers collapse after a certain time. Educated people are turning to crimes as they have no alternative with reservation, caste system and vote bank has brought the other classes in questions. They think that getting higher education is of no use as people of other tribes will usurp their jobs. Have we ever pondered over all these phases ? Certainly not, it is for the politicians and academicians to leap forward and decide the fate of modern youths who have astrayed from their work. They should arrange such type of value based education that they must not fall prey to evil designs.

The increase in the crime rate amongst the educated folk is due to the lack or moral education in curriculum. Moral education which is so important for developing our young children into ideal citizens finds no place in our system of education. If we want to decrease the crime rate amongst the educated folk, we should impart them value-based education in schools and colleges.

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Our academicians and educationist should frame such type of syllabus that it is based on both plank and practical.

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