The Role of Youth in National Development : English Essay, Paragraph, Article Writing For Schools and Board Exams

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The Role of Youth in National Development : English Essay, Paragraph, Article Writing For Schools and Board Exams

Youths play a vital role in the structure of a nation and they always live on the fore front in all the different fields. These are the personalities where solutions fail and the challenges are met with earnest endeavour. Youth is a man who is full of vigour, energy, adventure and is ready to meet tough challenges. He is always willing and prepared to take risks of every kind and believes in doing things.

A youth is, of course, full of enthusiasm and doing all round activity that provides channels for the utilisation or expression of pent-up-energy. They are innovators and work for the welfare of state with supersonic speed. Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon. Such major leaps would not have been possible if youths did not venture. The space age began with the launch of Sputnik-I by the Russians in October 1957. He has all through the spirit of adventure and strong will.

It is the youth who bring revolution and play a key role in national development. India got her freedom with the help of Indian youths. Subhash Chander Bose, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Rani Jhansi, and so many others are the glaring examples of Indian youths who sacrificed themselves for India. The World History is replete with the noble activities of the youths where they have participated in a perennial struggle of paramount importance. They remove the darkness and enlighten the whole generation through their kindled candles. Society can progress and provide a stability to a nation if its youths are integrated and adventurous.

In 19th century, Marx was the revolutionary force of his age whose influence still shows no signs of abatement and is indeed still gaining momentum. Lenin made history and skilfully exploited the political situation in Russia and established the first communist state in the world. The fundamental progress in the field of production, distribution, energy and material expansion etc. is done only through the youths. Hence their role makes a nation great.

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