The Role of Students in Removing Illiteracy From The Country

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The problem of illiteracy in India has very difficult proportions. According to the 2011 census only 74.04% percent in Indian population is educated. As regards female literacy, it is less than 70 percent. These figures speak of a very dismal position of India on the front of literacy and education. The irony is that India lags behind most of the Asian countries which achieved independence later than India. At present the population of India is more than 1,304,171,354. Out of which millions of people do not known reading and writing.

Illiteracy is the real handicap in the progress of our country. It poses a serious threat to democracy in India. Illiterate people can be easily be fooled and misguided by corrupt politicians. Thus, the political life of our country. Many ills which afflict our society today are due to the lack of the education. It is the education that enriches civilization and leads to the path of progress and prosperity. We should devise ways and means to spread education among the masses.

It is high time that removed the curse of illiteracy from our country. Students can do a lot in eradicating illiteracy from India. They should volunteer themselves to take literacy classes. Their motto should be ‘Each One, Teach One’. By sparing just two hours a week they can make India literate.

The government has come forward with a new determination by launching national literacy mission to spread education in every nook and corner of India. The education ministry has opened National Open Schools and Open Universities to make the people literate. May time help us in achieving our aim.

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