The Educational Value of Playing Games : English Paragraph (Articles) For Students

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Nobody can deny the value of games and sports in our life. Playing games is a good exercise to be healthy and fit. These are the channels that provide chance to show our hidden talent, and pent up energies. Books develop our mind, but games develop our body as a sound mind dwells in a sound body. Everybody wants to be free from all health issues. If we play games, properly they make our body healthy and strong. Nowadays, playing games are also a good career option.

Playing games helps us in expanding our lungs and increase our blood circulation i.e. helps to regulate our blood pressure. The sports fill our body with vigour and vitality. They also provide recreation as well. When our mind is tired after hard work, we can remove our fatigue in the playground. Games are the sources of better pastime with full enjoyment.

Games cultivate our many qualities. They inculcate in us the spirit of fellow-feeling, honesty, cooperation and discipline. The games bring regularity in our life. They generate the qualities of character and leadership. Obedience and punctuality is learnt automatically.

The games provide us a good training for our future life, and help us to live strong. A true sportsman never becomes sorry at his/her defeat. He plays the games for games sake. Above all games teach us how to command and how to obey. But we should not indulge in games at the cost of our education. Students should play games only in their spare time and should not waste too much time if they have their study works pending. We should work while it is time to work. We should enjoy playing while it is time to play the games. Now at the end we can say that playing games should be the part of our lifestyle.

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