Terrorism – An Evil to Humanity Full Essay in English Language For Students

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Terrorism – An Evil to Humanity Full Essay in English Language For Students. Articles, Paragraphs, Speech and Essay Writing in English Language for Practice for Examinations

Terrorism is derived from the word ‘Terror’ that means to create fear, anxiety, trouble, mindless, violence, lawlessness and disturbances etc., in the minds of the common public. The related term is terrorists who create terror and cause lawlessness in the country and from that comes ‘terrorism’. It is the biggest threat that the world is confronted with. Modern terrorism thrives on its ability to where it hurts the most. They believe in the destruction and death.

At present terrorism includes violence against innocent citizens. It is only to secure political as well as monetary benefits. It has become a tool to let the government yield before them so that they could have their ways as they like. When they attack the citizens, the public of the country gets terrified and the government looks helpless. The citizens question the authority of the government and the failure to control the terrorists goes on increasing. Terrorists attacked America on 11th September, 2001, India too had lost thousands of lives. Many more have been rendered homeless and their families have turned orphan. In India too, activities of the terrorists are going on. On 1st October, 2001, and on 5th January, 2002 the J.K. Assembly was rocked by the terrorist. On 13th December, 2001, they attacked the Indian Parliament though they were gunned down then and there but their movements did not stop. Many years ago during the J.K. assembly election they attacked unabatedly various places in the state and killed hundreds of innocent people. On 24th September, 2002, they attacked the Akshardham Temple in Gujarat, which rocked the whole nation. They are openly raising their voice to have more and more attacks on different parts of India.

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More severe steps are being initiated by the government to control their activities. An ordinance like The Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2002 (POTA) has been promulgated to emperor the government to work more efficiently. POTA was passed by the government of India in 2002.

Recently, There are so many other terrorist attacks in which hundreds of innocent people have been killed, and their families are crying out for justice.

Finally, we can say that, it is the need of the hour to make concerted efforts to do away with terrorism. We’ll have to fight against terrorism unitedly.

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