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A short paragraph on the topic Television (T.V.) – A Boon or A Bane in English Language.

Television or TV is one of the most wonderful inventions of science. It is rather an improvement over radio through which we can only hear the speech and songs, dramas and discussions etc. In the modern times, television has become indispensable for everyone. None of the houses is complete without a television set as it renders an invaluable service to the society. It is a good medium of providing information and knowledge. The things which we were not able to see before our eyes can now be seen on the screen. It is due to the television that the children of today have wider spectrum of knowledge than their counterparts have in the past. Even an illiterate person learns a lot and gets ample information.

Many of our farmers, villagers and women have been much benefited through the use of television. Their thinking ideologies, standard of living and means have improved a lot. Their visions and outlooks have undergone a great change. In the schools and colleges, it has become very popular. It can teach us all the subjects in our curriculum. It removes dullness among the students in the classroom and relieves us of the boredom of the classroom teaching.

It has a direct bearing on our eyes, ears and minds. Even the students of low I.Q. find the Television (TV) teaching most effective and interesting. They have been amply motivated by the screen viewing and have started taking interest in the studies. It has been surveyed that the students go on working while the television set is on. At present we are surrounded with the problems of communalism, provincialism, terrorism and regionalism. Here the television is working wonder in educating the common masses. Television (T.V.) is very valuable and sound medium of instruction.

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But every rose has thorns because excess of everything is bad. If TV is used extensively, it will bear a direct impact on eyesight. Vulgar scenes and vulgar songs have bad effect on the viewers, particularly on the children. There is nothing wrong with the use of television, but its improper use can put us into difficulty. It is high-time for all of us to make its judicious use.


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