Slow and Steady Wins The Race – Short Moral Story in English Language

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Slow and Steady Wins The Race – ( The Tortoise and The Hare ) Short Moral Story in English Language

There is a well-known tale that brings home the point that slow and steady wins the race. Once upon a time a tortoise and a hare (rabbit) ran a race. It was agreed between them that the one who would reach a particular spot first would win the race.

The race began, and the rabbit in a short time covered a long way. He looked back, and saw that he had left his friend far behind. So he went to sleep thinking that when the tortoise would come up, he would take another run and beat him. But the tortoise went on slowly and steadily as speed but lost the race.

One should learn a lesson from this story. One should work steadily and regularly. Many a promising lad has, like the hare, lost the race, while his less intelligent counterpart has won it by dint of slow and steady work. In this world of cut-throat competition more has been achieved by industry than by brilliance. Mere ability cannot lead a man very far. However, perseverance, steadiness and sustained hard work very often lead to success. Genius combined with steadiness works wonders.

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