Simple Living and High Thinking Short Paragraph in English Language for Students

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Simple Living and High Thinking Short Essay / Paragraphs in English Language For Students Exams

We have been sent to this world with a mission. But we are so steeped in pleasures and enjoyments that we forget our mission. We forget that we have to perform certain duties in life. We do not hear the dictates of our conscience, which are nothing but the voice of God. Thus we prove untrue to God. We simply hanker after our own pleasure and comforts. No other thoughts cross our minds. We do not known what simple living is or what high thinking means.

We are selfish and are given to luxury. We build castles in the air, and lead artificial lives. We are blind to the idea of duty to our families, or country. We run after fame and glory. The spirit of service to mankind is unknown to us. On the other hand, one who lives on a simple diet, wears simple and plain clothes, and always thinks of the good of others is a noble soul – such a one is a living example of simple living and high thinking.

All great men believe in simple living and high thinking. Gandhi, G.B. Shaw, Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar, Gopal Krishna Gokhale are some of the living examples who led simple lives. Lord Buddha and King Ashoka shunned the life of luxury and devoted their time and energy in the service of mankind. They believed in simple living and high thinking.

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