Short Essay on Sparrows The Birds in English Language for Students Exams

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Short Essay on Sparrow The Bird in English Language for Students Examination.

Sparrows are the beautiful birds, and they are found in almost all parts of the world. There are many kinds of sparrows, but the house sparrow is the most common among all. These are famous for greeting us with their musical notes early in the morning. The home sparrows are noisy birds. They have their own songs, mainly made up of a series of calls and twitters.

The sparrows make their nests in a hole or some niche in the house. Their nets are made of paper and straw and lined with wool and hair.

There is another kind of sparrow called hedge-sparrow that makes its nest in hedges and bushes. It is more slender than the house-sparrow. The Hedge Sparrow is brown, black and bluish-grey in colour. It sings a warbling song. It hops on the ground and makes its own untidy nest.

The sparrows eat seeds of many different kinds. They also feed on insects. The sparrows lays eggs which number three to six at one time. Sparrow is really a beautiful and pleasant bird.

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