Short Essay on Elephant in English Language for Students Exams

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Short Essay on Elephant in English Language for Students Examinations.

The elephant is the largest and counted as most powerful land animals, and is also among the most intelligent animals in the world. A fully grown elephant may stand 4 metres high and weight about 6 metric tons. It can do many kinds of work and a lot of circus tricks.

The two most remarkable features about the elephant are its tusks and trunk. The tusks are two of its upper teeth that have grown on the outside and become enlarged. A tame elephant uses its tusks to support heavy loads which it carries from one place to another. Wild elephants use their tusks as effective weapons of attack or to protect themselves. Tusks are made of ivory, a highly valuable material. So wild elephants attract ivory hunters.

The trunk of the elephant serves an arm and a hand for picking up objects and persons. It is thick and well protected on the outside but has a tender inside. The elephant feeds itself by picking up twigs and leaves with its long trunk. It also uses the trunk to shift the food to its mouth.

There are two kinds of elephants – the Indian elephant and the African elephant. The Indian elephant is smaller as compared to the African elephant, and the Indian elephant is more easily tamed or trained. It sleeps lying down whereas the African elephant sleeps upright.

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Elephants are very useful and beautiful animals, we should protect them from hunters, who kill them just for the money.


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