Physics Selected Questions and Answers Set 3

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Physics Selected Questions and Answers Set 3 best for exams upsc ssc civil services ias ips entranciology

Q.1:- Compared to burn due to air at 100°C, a burn due to steam at 100°C is ?

Ans:- More Dangerous

Q.2:- When a CD (compact disc used in audio and video systems) is seen in sunlight, rainbow like colours are seen. This can be explained on the basis of the phenomenon of ?

Ans: Refraction, Diffraction and Transmission

Q.3:- Evening Sun is not as hot as the mid day sun. What is the reason ?

Ans:- In the evening, radiations travels larger distance through atmosphere

Q.4:- A bucket full of water is kept in a room and it cools from 75°C to 70°C in time T1 minutes, from 70°C to 65°C in timeT2 minutes, and from 65°C to 60°C in time T3 minutes, then ?

Ans:- T1 < T2 < T3

Q.5:- The sprinkling of water slightly reduces the temperature of a closed room because ?

Ans:- Water has large latent heat of vaporization

Q.6:- A myopic eye can be corrected by using a ?

Ans:- Concave Lens

Q.7:- A dynamo which is said to generate electricity actually acts as a ?

Ans:- Converter of energy

Q.8:- The cooling by a desert cooler is based on ?

Ans:- Hot air replacement

Q.9:- Optical fibre works on the principle of ?

Ans:- Total Internal Reflection

Q.10:- Give the name of the instrument that is used to measure blood pressure ?

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Ans:- Sphygmomanometer

Q.11:- The colour of light is determined by its ?

Ans:- Wavelength

Q.12:- Laser is a device for producing ?

Ans:- Stimulated Radiation

Q.13:- Transformer is used ?

Ans:- To step up or step down AC voltages

Q.14:- If the doors of a refrigerator are left open for a few hours, the room temperature will ?

Ans:- Increase

Q.15:- Butter paper is an example of …………. object.

Ans:- A Translucent

Q.16:- To hear a clear echo, the minimum distance should be ?

Ans:- 16.5 meter

Q.17:- China wares are wraped in straw of paper before packing. This is the application of concept of ?

Ans:- Impulse

Q.18:- One feels heavier in a lift when the lift ?

Ans:- Just begins to go up

Q.19:- Tube light is filled with ?

Ans:- Mercuric oxide and argon gas

Q.20:- The mirror used by a dentist to examine the teeth of patients is ?

Ans:- Concave

Q.21:- Richter scale is used for measuring ?

Ans:- Amplitude of seismic waves

Q.22:- The sun is seen before the actual sun rise because of …………

Ans:- Refraction

Q.23:- When a body is stationary, then ?

Ans:- The net forces acting on it balances each other

Q.24:- CT scan is done by using ?

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Ans:- X-Rays

Q.25:- Which mirror is used as a rear view mirror in the vehicles ?

Ans:- Convex


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