Physics Selected Questions and Answers Set 2

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Physics Selected Questions and Answers Set 2 best for exams upsc ssc bank railways civil services medical engineering entrance entranciology


Q.1:- Which are the primary Colours ?

Ans:- Red, Green, Blue

Q.2:- Which unit we use to express Nuclear sizes ?

Ans:- Fermi

Q.3:- Give the name of the instrument that is used to measure altitudes in aircraft’s ?

Ans:- Altimeter

Q.4:- Which instrument is used in submarine to see the objects above sea level ?

Ans:- Periscope

Q.5:- Thomas Alva Edison invented ?

Ans:- Cinematograph

Q.6:- Give one invention of Harry Brearley ?

Ans:- Stainless Steel

Q.7:- Radian per second is unit of ?

Ans:- Angle Velocity

Q.8:- Give the name of the unit of Work and Energy ?

Ans:- Joule

Q.9:- What is unit of Electrical Capacity ?

Ans:- Farad

Q.10:- Energy posses by a body in motion is called ?

Ans:- Kinetic Energy

Q.11:- Solar cell converts ?

Ans:- It converts solar energy into electrical energy

Q.12:- Longitudinal Waves and Transverse waves are types of ?

Ans:- Mechanical Waves

Q.13:- Give the relation between wavelength, frequency and velocity ?

Ans:- Velocity of wave = Frequency x  Wavelength

Q.14:- What is Refractive Index ?

Ans:- Refractive Index is defined as the ratio of speed of light in vacuum to the speed of light in the medium.

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Q.15:- Device used to measure potential difference between two points in a circuit is called ?

Ans:- Voltmeter

Q.16:- Which instrument is used to determine the intensity of colours ?

Ans:- Colorimeter

Q.17:- Name of the instrument that is used to measure sound under water ?

Ans:- Hydrophone

Q.18:- Which instrument is used to measure pressure of gases ?

Ans:- Manometer

Q.19:- K. Macmillan invented ?

Ans:- Bicycle

Q.20:- Who discovered Atom ?

Ans:- John Dalton

Q.21:- The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves ?

Ans:- Capillary Action Phenomenon

Q.22:- Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named ?

Ans:- Fermi

Q.23:- Atmospheric pressure is measured by ?

Ans:- Barometer

Q.24:- Force of attraction between the molecules of different substances is called ?

Ans:- Adhesive Force

Q.25:- Give the name of the nuclear reaction in which a heavy nucleus splits into two nuclei of nearly equal mass is called ?

Ans:- Nuclear Fission


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