Physics Selected Questions and Answers Set 1

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Physics Selected Questions and Answers Set 1 best for exams entranciology


Q.1:- Light from the sun reaches earth in about?

Ans:- 8 Minutes

Q.2:- The time period of a pendulum depends on?

Ans:- The Length

Q.3:- Cooling is not done by?

Ans:- Burning Cooking Gas

Q.4:- What type of electromagnetic radiation is used in the remote control of a television?

Ans:- Infrared

Q.5:- Air is filled in vehicle tyres because?

Ans:- It is highly compressible

Q.6:- Dynamo is a machine which is used for conversion of?

Ans:- Mechanical energy to electrical energy

Q.7:- The image of the object that we see forms on the retina of our eyes is?

Ans:- Always Inverted

Q.8:- Sodium vapour lamp is usually used in street light, because?

Ans:- Light from this is monochromatic, and will not split through the water droplets.

Q.9:- Red light is used as danger signal because it?

Ans:- is scattered least

Q.10:- Wavelength range of visible light is?

Ans:- 390 – 780 nm

Q.11:- Sound travels fastest in?

Ans:- Metal

Q.12:- A metal sheet with a circular hole is heated. The hole?

Ans:- Gets Larger

Q.13:- Food in the pressure cooker is cooked faster, as?

Ans:- The boiling point increases due to an increase in pressure.

Q.14:- The Finger prints on a piece of paper may be detected by sprinkling fluorescent powder on the paper and then looking it into?

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Ans:- Ultraviolet Light

Q.15:- The special technique used in ships to calculate the depth of ocean beds is?


Q.16:- Solar energy is produced by the following reaction?

Ans:- Fusion Reaction

Q.17:- A long jumper runs before jumping because he?

Ans:- Maintains momentum conservation

Q.18:- Which zone of a candle flame is the hottest?

Ans:- Middle Luminous Zone

Q.19:- Sound cannot travel though?

Ans:- Vacuum

Q.20:- What is the order of magnitude of electric resistance of the human body (dry)?

Ans:- 104 Ohm

Q.21:- The working principle of a washing machine is?

Ans:- Centrifugation

Q.22:- The clouds float in the atmosphere because of their low?

Ans:- Density

Q.23:- Microwave oven consumes less power due to?

Ans:- Short wavelength of radiation

Q.24:- The frequency of A.C. mains in India is?

Ans:- 50 c/s

Q.25:- The lift of an air plane is based on?

Ans:- Bernoulli’s theorem


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