Physics Selected Questions and Answers Set 7

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Q.1:- Which one of the following phenomena cannot attributed to the refraction of light ?

  1. Twinkling of stars
  2. Mirage
  3. Rainbow
  4. Redshift

Q.2:- Optical fibre works on the principle of ?

  1. Total internal reflection
  2. Refraction
  3. Scattering
  4. Interference

Q.3:- Which of the following produce a virtual image longer in size than the object ?

  1. Concave lens
  2. Convex lens
  3. Concave mirror
  4. (b) and (c) both

Q.4:- A man inside an artificial satellite feels weightlessness because the force of attraction due to earth is ?

  1. Zero at that earth is
  2. Is balanced by the force of attraction due to moon
  3. Equal to centripetal force
  4. Non-effective due to particular design of the satellite

Q.5:- Camberts, law is related to ?

  1. Reflection
  2. Refraction
  3. Interference
  4. Illumination

Q.6:- What is viewed through an electron microscope ?

  1. Electrons and other elementary particles
  2. Structure of bacteria and viruses
  3. Inside of human stomach
  4. Inside of the human eye

Q.7:- To an observer on the lunar surface, during the day time the sky will appear to be ?

  1. Light yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Blue
  4. Black

Q.8:- Why is red light employed for danger signals ?

  1. Red colour is soothing to the eye
  2. Human eye is most sensitive to red colour
  3. Red light is scattered least
  4. Red light is scattered most

Q.9:- Blue colour of sky is consequence of ?

  1. Reflection
  2. Refraction
  3. Scattering
  4. Dispersion

Q.10:- Unit of solid angle is ?

  1. Degree
  2. Radian
  3. Steradian
  4. Radian-second

Q.11:- Who invented the Safety Razor ?

  1. Steve Cher
  2. Lar Strauss
  3. Gillette
  4. Steve Job

Q.12:- When the velocity of a body is doubled ?

  1. Its P.E. is doubled
  2. Its acceleration is doubled
  3. Its K.E. is doubled
  4. Its momentum is doubled
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Q.13:- The distance between two crests in a wave in given by ?

  1. Wave number
  2. Wave velocity
  3. Amplitude
  4. Wavelength

Q.14:- Roadways are banked on curves so that

  1. The speeding vehicles may not fall inwards
  2. The frictional force between the road and vehicle may be decreased
  3. The wear and tear of tyre may be avoided
  4. The weight of the vehicle may be decreased

Q.15:- It a body moves with a constant speed in a circle ?

  1. No work is done on it
  2. No force acts on it
  3. No acceleration is produced in it
  4. Its velocity remains constant

Q.16:- Fat can be separated from milk in a cream separator because of ?

  1. Cohesive force
  2. Gravitational force
  3. Centripetal force
  4. Centrifugal force

Q.17:- A small drop falls from rest from a large height h in air. The final velocity is ?

  1. Almost independent of h
  2. Propotional to h
  3. Inversely proportional to h
  4. Proportional to ….h

Q.18:- Insects can move on the surface of water without sinking due to ?

  1. Dynamic lift
  2. Viscosity of water
  3. Surface tension of water
  4. None of these

Q.19:- The reciprocal of specific resistance is ?

  1. Conductive resistance
  2. Specific conductance
  3. Resistance
  4. Plate resistance

Q.20:- Electromotive force is most closely related to ?

  1. Electric field
  2. Magnetic field
  3. Potential difference
  4. Mechanical force

Q.21:- The electric intensity on the surface of a charged conductor is ?

  1. Zero
  2. Directed normally to the surface
  3. Directed tangentially to the surface
  4. Directed along 45 degree to the surface
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Q.22:- Photocells are used for the

  1. Reproduction of pictures from the cinema film
  2. Reproduction of sound from the cinema film
  3. Automatic switching of street light
  4. (b) and (c) Both

Q.23:- Energy transferred to a person through gamma rays is measured in units of ?

  1. Caries
  2. Rutherfords
  3. Roentgens
  4. None of these

Q.24:- In a Hydel station the motion produced in turbines is due to the ?

  1. Burning of coal
  2. Burning of diesel
  3. Flow of water
  4. Production of steam

Q.25:- Who invented the battery ?

  1. Volta
  2. Roentgen
  3. Faraday
  4. Maxwell


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