Physics Selected Questions and Answers Set 11

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Q.1:- When an object is heated, the molecules of that object ?

  1. Began to move faster
  2. Lose energy
  3. Become heavier
  4. Become lighter

Q.2:- The absolute zero on Celsius scale is ?

  1. -200 oC
  2. -273.15 oC
  3. -373.15 oC
  4. None of these

Q.3:- The pressure exerted on the walls of the container by a gas is due to the fact that the gas molecules ?

  1. Lose their kinetic energy
  2. Stick to the walls
  3. Are accelerated towards the walls
  4. Change their momenta due to collision with the walls

Q.4:- A gas is a metallic cylinder is suddenly compressed by a piston which is maintained at the same position with the passage of time the pressure of air ?

  1. Increases
  2. Decreases
  3. Remains the same
  4. None of these

Q.5:- A gas has ?

  1. One specific heat
  2. Two specific heat
  3. Three specific heat
  4. Infinite specific heat

Q.6:- The specific resistance of a wire ?

  1. Varies with its length
  2. Varies with its cross-section
  3. Varies with its mass
  4. Does not depends on its length, cross-section and mass

Q.7:- The capacitance unit of convenient size is ?

  1. Farad
  2. Microfarad
  3. Kilo farad
  4. Mega farad

Q.8:- A point charge is brought in an electric field. The field at a nearby point ?

  1. May increase if the charge in positive
  2. May decrease if the charge is negative
  3. Both (A) and (B)
  4. None of these

Q.9:- A hollow sphere of copper is positively charged. Then the electric field inside the sphere is ?

  1. The same as the field at the surface
  2. Greater than the field at the surface
  3. Less than the field at the surface but not zero
  4. Zero

Q.10:- The core of an electromagnet is made of soft Iron because soft Iron has ?

  1. Small susceptibility and small retentivity
  2. Large susceptibility and small retentivity
  3. Large density and large retentivity
  4. Small density and large retentivity
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Q.11:- When magnet is heated, it ?

  1. Loses its magnetism
  2. Gains magnetism
  3. Gains magnetism up to certain temperature
  4. None of these

Q.12:- A moving charge produces ?

  1. An electric field only
  2. A magnetic field only
  3. Both electric and magnetic fields
  4. Neither an electric nor a magnetic field

Q.13:- The magnetic field lines in the middle of a solenoid are ?

  1. Circle
  2. Parallel to the axis
  3. Spirals
  4. Perpendicular to the axis

Q.14:- In a transistor, the base is ?

  1. An insulator
  2. A conductor of low resistance
  3. A conductor of high resistance
  4. An extrinsic semiconductor

Q.15:- A typical example of a semiconductor is ?

  1. Platinum
  2. Germanium
  3. Quartz
  4. Mica

Q.16:- The scientist who experimentally showed that electric charge is quantised only in terms of integral multiples of electronic charge is ?

  1. Max Born
  2. Max Planck
  3. Thomson
  4. Millikan

Q.17:- Which is the incorrect statement of the following ?

  1. Photon is a particle with zero rest mass
  2. Photon is a particle with zero momentum
  3. Photon travels with velocity of light in vacuum
  4. Photon even feel the pull of gravity

Q.18:- Which of the following has the longest de Broglie wavelength if they are moving with same velocity ?

  1. Neutron
  2. Proton
  3. Alpha-Particle
  4. Beta-Particle

Q.19:- Nuclear fusion is the source of energy in ?

  1. Sun and atom bomb
  2. Nuclear reactor and Sun
  3. Sun and Hydrogen bomb
  4. Nuclear reactor and atom bomb

Q.20:- In the nuclear reactors, moderators are used to ?

  1. Slow down the neutron
  2. Generate neutrons
  3. Accelerate neutrons
  4. Absorb the neutrons
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Q.21:- When yellow light is incident on a surface no electrons are emitted while green light can emit. If red light is incident on the surface then ?

  1. No electrons are emitted
  2. Photons are emitted
  3. Electrons of higher energy are emitted
  4. Electrons of lower energy are emitted

Q.22:- A good moderator should ?

  1. Not be a gas only
  2. Not have appetite for neutrons only
  3. Be light in mass number only
  4. Be all above three

Q.23:- Pick out the statement which is true ?

  1. The energy released per unit mass is more in fusion and that per atom in more in fission
  2. Both fission and fusion produce same amount of energy per atom as well as per unit mass
  3. The energy released per unit mass
  4. The energy released per atom is more in fusion then in fission

Q.24:- The velocity of photo electron emitted in photoelectric effect depends only on ?

  1. The frequency and intensity of incident light
  2. The frequency of incident light
  3. Both (A) and (B)
  4. The wave length of incident light

Q.25:- The photoelectric effect is described as the ejection of electrons from surface of a metal when ?

  1. It is heated
  2. It is placed in strong electric field
  3. Electrons of suitable velocity
  4. Light of suitable wavelength falls on it


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