Physics (General Science) : All SSC Exams Previous Years Questions Papers Solved Part 9

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Q.1:- Water is used in a hot water bag because ?

  1. It is easily available
  2. It has high specific gravity
  3. It has high specific heat
  4. It is a liquid substance

Q.2:- Which of the following is an insulator ?

  1. Mercury
  2. Carbon
  3. Germanium
  4. Glass

Q.3:- The unit of measurement of noise is ?

  1. Decibel
  2. Hertz
  3. Amplifier
  4. Acoustics

Q.4:- What type of lens is used to correct vision of a person suffering from Myopia ?

  1. Convex Lens
  2. Concave Lens
  3. Crossed Lens
  4. Cylindrical Lens

Q.5:- The audio signals of TV are ?

  1. Amplitude modulated
  2. Frequency modulated
  3. Unmodulated
  4. Velocity modulated

Q.6:- What is the principle of a ‘Life Jacket’ ?

  1. It provides Oxygen to a drowning person
  2. It increases the volume of the person to keep him afloat
  3. It decreases the volume of the person to keep him afloat
  4. The person can sit on it like a raft

Q.7:- Air coolers are more suitable for ?

  1. Hot and humid climate
  2. Hot and dry climate
  3. Cool and humid climate
  4. Cool and dry climate

Q.8:- Sun’s heat reaches us by ?

  1. Conduction
  2. Convection
  3. Radiation
  4. Reflection

Q.9:- If an ordinary glass tube and a glass capillary tube are both dipped in a beaker of water, water rises in ?

  1. Only the glass tube
  2. Only the capillary tube
  3. Both
  4. Neither

Q.10:- The layer of atmosphere used for radio wave transmission is ?

  1. Chromosphere
  2. Troposphere
  3. Ionosphere
  4. Stratosphere

Q.11:- A pilot has to release the bomb to hit a target ?

  1. Right above the target
  2. Beyond the target
  3. Before the target
  4. None of these

Q.12:- A light year is a measure of ?

  1. Speed
  2. Velocity
  3. Distance
  4. Time

Q.13:- Safety fuse wire used in domestic electrical appliances is made of metal of low ?

  1. Resistance
  2. Melting Point
  3. Specific Gravity
  4. Conductance

Q.14:- Water will not be vaporised if ?

  1. The temperature is 0 oC
  2. The humidity is 0%
  3. The humidity is 100%
  4. The temperature is 100 oC
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Q.15:- Flight Recorder is technically called ?

  1. Dark Box
  2. Blind Box
  3. Black Box
  4. Altitude Meter

Q.16:- Magnifying Glass is basically a ?

  1. Plano Concave Lens
  2. Concave Lens
  3. Convex Lens
  4. Cylindrical Lens

Q.17:- A man cannot see clearly beyond 10 meters. The disease he suffers from ?

  1. Far Sight
  2. Myopia
  3. Cataract
  4. Hypermetropia

Q.18:- Anemometer is used to measure ?

  1. Wind direction
  2. Wind velocity
  3. Pressure gradient
  4. Wind speed and time

Q.19:- in AC circuits, AC meters measure ?

  1. Mean values
  2. RMS values
  3. Peak values
  4. Mean square values

Q.20:- Railway tracks are banked on curves so that ?

  1. Necessary centrifugal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of the weight of the train
  2. No frictional force may be produced between the tracks and the wheels of the train
  3. Necessary centripetal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of the weight of the train
  4. The train may not fall down inward

Q.21:- The motion of a body that repeats itself after a regular interval of time is ?

  1. A periodic motion
  2. A simple harmonic motion
  3. An aperiodic motion
  4. An oscillatory motion

Q.22:- Water is not suitable as a calorimetric substance because it ?

  1. Has high specific heat
  2. Is a good conductor
  3. Has high boiling point
  4. Low latent heat of vapourization

Q.23:- When a strong beam of light is passed through a colloidal solution, the light will ?

  1. Be scattered
  2. Pass unchanged
  3. Be absorbed
  4. Be reflected

Q.24:- Which of the following is a scalar quantity ?

  1. Velocity
  2. Force
  3. Angular Momentum
  4. Electrostatic Potential

Q.25:- The boiling point of water decreases at higher altitudes is due to ?

  1. Low temperature
  2. Low atmospheric pressure
  3. High temperature
  4. High atmospheric pressure


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