Physics (General Science) : All SSC Exams Previous Years Questions Papers Solved Part 8

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Q.1:- Which one among the following components is used as an amplifying device ?

  1. Transformer
  2. Diode
  3. Capacitor
  4. Transistor

Q.2:- Where do the electrical charges reside in a charted conductor ?

  1. At the core
  2. Throughout the body
  3. Depended upon the nature of the body
  4. Outer surface of the body

Q.3:- Purpose of an optical filter is to ?

  1. Reflect lights of different colours
  2. Dispense light into component colours
  3. Refract light of different colours
  4. Transmit or absorb light of different colours

Q.4:- Curie is an unit of ?

  1. Radioactivity
  2. Energy of Gamma Rays
  3. Intensity of Gamma Rays
  4. Work Function

Q.5:- If there were no gravity, which of the following will not be there for a fluid ?

  1. Viscosity
  2. Surface Tension
  3. Pressure
  4. Upward Thrust

Q.6:- Which of the following has the lowest frequency ?

  1. Visible light
  2. Gamma Rays
  3. X-Rays
  4. Ultra Violet Rays

Q.7:- The solar energy produced by ?

  1. Fusion reaction
  2. Fission reaction
  3. Combustion reaction
  4. None

Q.8:- Which of the following waves cannot be polarised ?

  1. Radio
  2. Ultra Violet
  3. Infrared
  4. Ultrasonic

Q.9:- A galvanometer can be converted to a voltmeter by connecting ?

  1. A high resistance in parallel
  2. A high resistance in series
  3. A low resistance in series
  4. A low resistance in parallel

Q.10:- At hill stations, the boiling point of water will be ?

  1. Same as at sea level
  2. Less than that at sea level
  3. More than that at sea level
  4. Equal to the melting point of ice

Q.11:- The amount of matter in a ball of steel is its ?

  1. Weight
  2. Mass
  3. Density
  4. Volume

Q.12:- On a clean glass plate a drop of water spreads to form a thin layer whereas a drop of mercury remains almost spherical because :

  1. Mercury is a metal
  2. Density of mercury is greater than that of water
  3. Cohesion of mercury is greater than its adhesion with glass
  4. Cohesion of water is greater than its adhesion with glass
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Q.13:- Why does ice covered in sawdust not melt quickly ?

  1. Sawdust does not allow the air to touch the ice
  2. The water is absorbed by sawdust
  3. Sawdust is a bad conductor of heat
  4. Sawdust is good conductor of heat

Q.14:- The material used in electric heater is ?

  1. Tungsten
  2. Nichrome
  3. Brass
  4. Steel

Q.15:- The point where total mass of a body is supposed to be concentrated is known as ?

  1. Dead Centre
  2. Centre of Mass
  3. Centre of Gravity
  4. Centre of Motion

Q.16:- What is the phenomenon which established the transverse nature of light ?

  1. Reflection
  2. Interference
  3. Diffraction
  4. Polarisation

Q.17:- The commonly used coolant in refrigerator is ?

  1. Ammonia
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Freon
  4. Oxygen

Q.18:- The sky appears blue due to ?

  1. Rayleigh Scattering
  2. Mie Scattering
  3. Back Scattering
  4. None of the above

Q.19:- The device used to convert solar energy into electricity is ?

  1. Photovoltaic cell
  2. Daniell cell
  3. Electrochemical cell
  4. Galvanic Cell

Q.20:- The word ‘isolation’ means ?

  1. Matters which insulate
  2. Incoming solar radiation
  3. Insoluble matters
  4. None of the above

Q.21:- Which of these waves can be polarized ?

  1. Sound waves in air
  2. Longitudinal waves on a string
  3. Transverse waves on a string
  4. Light waves

Q.22:- Loudness of sound depends on ?

  1. Frequency
  2. Wavelength
  3. Amplitude
  4. Pitch

Q.23:- An electron microscope gives higher magnifications than an optical microscope because ?

  1. The velocity of electrons is smaller than that of light
  2. The wavelength of electrons is smaller as compared to the wavelength of visible light
  3. The electrons have more energy than the light particulars
  4. The electron microscope uses more powerful lenses

Q.24:- Which one of the following is a non-dimensional quantity ?

  1. Gas Constant
  2. Strain
  3. Co-efficient of viscosity
  4. Plank’s constant
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Q.25:- Blowing air with open pipe is an example of ?

  1. Isothermal process
  2. Isochoric process
  3. Isobaric process
  4. Adiabatic process


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