Physics (General Science) : All SSC Exams Previous Years Questions Papers Solved Part 5

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Q.1:- The splitting of white light into its components is due to ?

  1. Reflection
  2. Refraction
  3. Transmission
  4. Dispersion

Q.2:- Clouds float in the atmosphere because of their ?

  1. Low pressure
  2. Low density
  3. Low viscosity
  4. Low temperature

Q.3:- Purity of a metal can be determined with the help of ?

  1. Pascal’s law
  2. Boyle’s law
  3. Archimedes principle
  4. Conservation of mass principle

Q.4:- The ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is mainly due to increase in atmospheric ?

  1. Ozone
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Sulphur Dioxide
  4. Carbon Dioxide

Q.5:- Optical fibre works on the principle of ?

  1. Refraction
  2. Scattering
  3. Interference
  4. Total internal reflection

Q.6:- The unit of noise pollution (level) is ?

  1. Decibel
  2. Decimal
  3. ppm
  4. None of these

Q.7:- The rice is cooked more quickly in a pressure cooker because ?

  1. It is covered
  2. Less quantity of water is used
  3. None of these
  4. Water boils at a higher temperature under pressure

Q.8:- A Fuse wire is characterised by ?

  1. High resistance and low melting point
  2. High resistance and high melting point
  3. Low resistance and high melting point
  4. Low resistance and low melting point

Q.9:- Sound is heard over longer distances on rainy days because ?

  1. Sound travels slowly in moist air
  2. Sound travels faster in moist air
  3. Moist air does not absorb sound
  4. Moist air absorb sound

Q.10:- We feel cool when we sit near the fan, this is because ?

  1. Fan gives cool air
  2. Fan cools surrounding air
  3. Air vaporises the sweat on our body
  4. We feel cool when air touches the body

Q.11:- The phenomenon which causes mirage is ?

  1. Interference
  2. Diffraction
  3. Polarisation
  4. Total internal reflection

Q.12:- Railway tracks are banked on curves so that ?

  1. The train may not fall down inwards
  2. The weight of the train may be reduced
  3. Necessary centripetal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of the normal reaction due to track
  4. No frictional force may be produced between the wheels and the track

Q.13:- Burns caused by steam are much severe than those caused by boiling water because ?

  1. Steam pierces through the pores of body quickly
  2. Steam has latent heat
  3. Steam is gas and engulfs the body quickly
  4. Temperature of steam is higher
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Q.14:- Total internal reflection cannot take place when light goes from ?

  1. Glass to water
  2. Water to glass
  3. Water to air
  4. Glass to air

Q.15:- It is easy to burst a gas-filled balloon with a needle than with a nail. It is because ?

  1. Nail is longer than needle.
  2. Nail exerts more pressure than needle on the balloon.
  3. Needle exerts more pressure than nail on the balloon.
  4. Gas is reactive with the needle.

Q.16:- The purpose of choke in a fluorescent lamp is ?

  1. To increase the current flow
  2. To decrease the current flow
  3. To decrease the resistance
  4. To decrease the voltage momentarily

Q.17:- A metal ball and a rubber ball both having the same mass, strike a wall normally with the same velocity. The rubber ball rebounds and the metal ball does not rebound. It can be concluded that ?

  1. The rubber ball suffers greater change in momentum
  2. The metal ball suffers greater change in momentum
  3. Both suffer the same change in momentum
  4. The initial momentum of the rubber ball is greater than that of the metal ball

Q.18:- Microphone is a device which transforms the ?

  1. Sound signal into current signal
  2. Current signal into sound signal
  3. Sound signal into light signal
  4. Light signal into sound signal

Q.19:- When a piece of stone is immersed in water, it displaces water of equal ?

  1. Density
  2. Specific Gravity
  3. Mass
  4. Volume

Q.20:- Which one of the following is responsible for the working of Newton’s colour disc experiment ?

  1. Formation of pure spectra
  2. Formation of impure spectra
  3. Persistence of vision
  4. Principle of complementary colour

Q.21:- Sensitivity of the human eye is maximum in the ?

  1. Violet region
  2. Green region
  3. Blue region
  4. Red region

Q.22:- In radio communication, the signals emitted by transmitting antenna are reflected on ?

  1. Stratosphere
  2. Ozonosphere
  3. Ionosphere
  4. Troposphere
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Q.23:- When the milk is churned vigorously the cream from it separated out due to ?

  1. Centripetal force
  2. Gravitational force
  3. Frictional force
  4. Centrifugal force

Q.24:- The term reactor referred to in waste water treatment is ?

  1. Vessel
  2. Settling tank
  3. Clarifier
  4. Aeration tank

Q.25:- Steel is more elastic than rubber because it ?

  1. Requires larger deforming force
  2. Is never deformed
  3. Is deformed very easily
  4. Is harder than rubber


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