Physics (General Science) : All SSC Exams Previous Years Questions Papers Solved Part 3

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Q.1:- Red light is used for signals because it has ?

  1. Long wavelength
  2. High intensity
  3. High frequency
  4. Low refraction in the medium

Q.2:- After long periods of use, a grey spot develops on the inside of a bulb. This is because ?

  1. The tungsten filament evaporates and collects there
  2. The heat of the bulb scorches the glass at the top
  3. Dust inside the bulb condenses on the top
  4. Glass undergoes a change due to the heat

Q.3:- Necessary element of change in solar energy to electric energy ?

  1. Berillium
  2. Silicon
  3. Tantelum
  4. Pure Copper

Q.4:- A microscope used in pathological laboratories forms ?

  1. Magnified, virtual, erect image
  2. Diminished, real and erect image
  3. Magnified, virtual and inverted image
  4. Diminished, virtual and erect image

Q.5:- The ‘Four Stroke Petrol Engine’ is based on ?

  1. Carnot Cycle
  2. Otto Cycle
  3. Diesel Cycle
  4. Boyle’s Cycle

Q.6:- A gap is left between two rails of a railway track to accommodate ……… of the metal.

  1. Areal expansion
  2. Volume expansion
  3. Liner expansion
  4. Apparent expansion

Q.7:- The final image in a simple microscope is ?

  1. Real, diminished and inverted
  2. Real, magnified and erect
  3. Virtual, magnified and erect
  4. Virtual, diminished and erect

Q.8:- Water is used in car radiator because of its ?

  1. Low density
  2. Easy availability
  3. High specific heat capacity
  4. Low boiling point

Q.9:- Speed of sound in air is unaffected by change in ?

  1. Pressure
  2. Humidity
  3. Temperature
  4. Volume

Q.10:- A periscope works on the principle of ?

  1. Refraction
  2. Total internal reflection
  3. Diffraction
  4. Reflection

Q.11:- A bullet is fired from a rifle which recoils after firing. The ratio of kinetic energy of the rifle to that of the bullet is ?

  1. Zero
  2. One
  3. Less than one
  4. More than one

Q.12:- Hypermetropia or longsight can be corrected by using ?

  1. Bifocal Lenses
  2. Cylindrical Lenses
  3. Concave Lenses
  4. Convex Lenses

Q.13:- A fuse wire is made of ?

  1. An alloy of Tin and Copper
  2. An alloy of Tin and Lead
  3. An alloy of Tin and Aluminium
  4. An alloy of Nickel and Chromium
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Q.14:- An instrument used to measure humidity is ?

  1. Anemometer
  2. Hygrometer
  3. Thermometer
  4. Pyrheliometer

Q.15:- For a ray of light to suffer total internal reflection it has to pass from ?

  1. Glass to water
  2. Water to glass
  3. Air to water
  4. Air to glass

Q.16:- The Newton’s First Law is also called as ?

  1. Law of moments
  2. Law of inertia
  3. Law of energy
  4. Law of momentum

Q.17:- The blue colour of sky is due to ?

  1. Reflection of sunlight
  2. Refraction of sunlight
  3. Scattering of shorter wavelengths of sunlight in the atmosphere
  4. Scattering of longer wavelengths of sunlight in the atmosphere

Q.18:- In the Earth, the weight of a body is maximum at the ?

  1. North Pole
  2. South Pole
  3. Equator
  4. Surface

Q.19:- A concave lens always forms ?

  1. A Real image
  2. A virtual image
  3. An image type which depends on object characteristics
  4. An image type which depends on lens curvature

Q.20:- Hydraulic machines work under the Principle of ?

  1. Newton’s Law
  2. Joules Law
  3. Pascal’s Law
  4. Floatation Law

Q.21:- The water from a hand pump is warm in winter because ?

  1. Our body is cold in winter and the water appears to be warm
  2. The temperature inside the Earth is higher than the atmospheric temperature
  3. The pumping process causes friction which warms up the water
  4. Inside water comes out and absorbs heat from the environment

Q.22:- Ozone layer in the outer atmosphere helps us in ?

  1. Reflecting radio waves and makes radio communication possible
  2. Regulating the temperature of atmosphere
  3. Absorbing cosmic ray particles
  4. Absorbing U-V radiations

Q.23:- The technique of collecting information about an object from a distance without making physical contact with it is ?

  1. Remote sensing
  2. Remote control
  3. Remote accessing
  4. Space shuttle

Q.24:- A solid needle placed horizontally on the surface of the water floats due to ?

  1. Capillary action
  2. Water pressure
  3. Surface tension of water
  4. Viscosity of water
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Q.25:- Water is used in hot water bags because ?

  1. It is easily obtained
  2. It is cheaper and is not harmful
  3. It has high specific heat
  4. It is easy to heat water


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