My Plans For The Future or The Choice of A Profession Essay in English For Students

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After the completion of studies one has to choose some profession or the other to earn livelihood for leading one’s life. As such career must be determined and declared at the outset. The earlier it is decided the better it is.

Results of Not Choosing an Appropriate Profession

If a person does not select appropriate profession according to his abilities, circumstances and other various factors the whole of his career may be spoiled.

The aimless studies lead to us to nowhere. Often the students offer science or commerce or Arts subjects imitating their peer groups without thinking about their future interests or aims. The guardians also are too busy to understand their children’s aptitude and give them proper guidance. Once the right track is lost the students have to repent ‘lifelong’.

Main Factors for Deciding A Profession

Before choosing a profession, a young man should consider so many factors. Some are as under :

  1. Health : Some profession need sound health e.g. Army, Police and Para Forces. A person of poor physique should not dream of them.
  2. Natural Gift : A person without natural gift of sweet voice cannot become a singer.
  3. Taste and Liking : Some persons have no tastes or liking for sitting in office. They prefer active life having some field work to the sedentary work. Likewise, the persons who have literary taste cannot be successful in touring profession.
  4. Resources : A poor student cannot choose to adopt the medical profession or run a business as the latter needs large investment which he does not possess.

The Profession of My Choice

I do not wish to join Government service. The reasons are various. I will be confined to one department lifelong. Again, we often read through the columns of newspapers that lot of corruption prevails therein. A lawyer’s profession lies in changing injustice in justice and vice-versa and such not liked by me.

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Hence I wish to be a doctor. Undoubtedly, it is a noble profession. A doctor enjoys great respect in the society. For an ailing person, he is next to God. In this profession, there is widest scope to serve the suffering mankind. The whole of a doctor’s life passes in the service of the suffering humanity.

God loves those who love their follow men. Since a doctor loves his fellow men, he is loved by God. He devotes his time energy and skill in giving relief to the sick people, who come to him writhing and groaning. The whole of his life passes in the service of the suffering humanity.

By joining this noble profession I aim at serving humanity. Instead of practicing in the city to earn more and more money, I shall go among the villagers who are always neglected by the doctors. There a great many people die without medical aid. I will attend upon them, relieve them of the pain, suffering and diseases.

I shall not only treat the ailing persons, but also educate them how to avoid falling a prey to diseases as well as getting rid of disease. I shall teach them much about sanitation, balanced diet and various exercises so that they may avoid falling sick.

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Finally, I can say that I will serve humanity as an ideal doctor.


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