My Native Village Life : Essay Writing in English Language For Students’ Exams

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Short Essay /Article / Paragraph writing in English Language on the topic ‘My Native Village Life’ for the examinations of the students

I belong to the rural area of Haryana, a state in India. My village is situated on the National Highway No. 8 i.e. on the Delhi-Jaipur road. It is in Gurugram district. In fact, my village is on the outskirts of Gurugram town. There are about 800 houses in our village. Almost all the houses are pacca built. Surrounded by new colonies on all sides, my village is fast emerging into a big commercial centre. People of all castes, creeds and communities live here with strong brotherhood,  and perfect unity. The evil of caste system and group system has not polluted the wholesome and congenial atmosphere of my village. The ethnic composition of the people of my village speaks well of its secular character.

Our village is very neat and clean. The streets and lanes are paved with bricks. There are pacca drains on either side of the streets and lanes. The dirty water flows through that into the disposal unit where it is treated for irrigation purposes. There are a few wells which supply drinking water to the village. There is a spacious Panchayat Ghar in my village which is a meeting place for the people of the village. There is also a village pond for cattle, a high school, a post-office, a dispensary. But there is no veterinary hospital (Hospital for Animals). Agriculture is the mainstay of the people of my village. In short, our village is a model village because of its people, amenities and prosperity. Its people are quite well off, and well educated.

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