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Everyone in this world has his own likes and dislikes. Likewise, I also have some of my own likes and dislikes. These are as under:

My Likes

  • I love to enjoy beautiful nature and its beauty to other material worldly things. I wish for going into the lap of nature to enjoy its lovely beauty.
  • I wink at petty acts done against me and avoid fighting. In case, the mistake is done from my side, I never hesitate to say sorry to them and try my best to correct my mistakes.
  • I always like to move around the world, at least, through the Internet. I have my own Personal Computer (PC) with Internet connection.
  • I have profound interest in reading poetry books full of emotions and message. I myself compose poetry. My poems are published by Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sumer.
  • I am soft spoken, obedient and amiable.
  • I am interested in designing and making handicraft articles. I have made several works on papers, clay and plastic pellets.


My Dislikes


  • Dislike For Backbiters

I don’t like persons who talk ill behind my shoulders. Some people are talking sweetly before me and doing unwanted things in my absence. I despise such kind of persons.

  • Dislike For Overpowering Persons
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I don’t like the people who show their superiority or position by raising the volume of their voice, and thus try to overpower or unjustly influence me.

  • Dislike For Critics

I don’t like people, who go on criticizing some person or the others every time. Evidently if a person condemns some other person behind his back and in my presence, he would certainly condemn me in my absence.

  • Dislike For Persons of Advisory Nature

I dislike the persons who are greatly interested in giving advice to others, but never act upon the same advices themselves. What I feel is ‘advice to be asked and not to be given unwanted.

I know that likes and dislikes are different from person to persons. Above are my likes and dislikes.



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