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Short Essay / Paragraph / Article writing in English Language on the topic ‘My Favorite / Ideal / Good Teacher for students’ exams

An ideal teacher is rare, specially in the present age. But among the present lot there are a few, who by their wide knowledge, good character, sincerity and conduct in life leave an everlasting impression on the mind of the students. In my school there is such as teacher. His name is Mr. Arun Sharma. Mr. Arun Sharma is a Post Graduate (PG) in English Language. He teaches us English, and he has no parallel in the school. There are certain qualities in him that make him the most popular teacher in the school. He is simple and unassuming. He always remains impartial and treats all his students alike. He is fearless, earnest and sincere in the discharge of his duties and is sympathetic towards his students. He is always eager to help students and other staff members of the school.

He is a master of his subject English. He charms the class by his artistic method of teaching. Even the most difficult and dry topic becomes easy at his hands. Smile and happiness always plays on his face. He never loses temper, and he avoids punishing students for the mistakes they make rather he instructs them to correct their wrong doings or not to make mistakes again. There are two things that make his teaching very effective. First, he has clear and sweet voices. Secondly, he has clear and good handwriting. He takes keen interest in helping the weak and backward students in the school. At heart he is very generous and sympathetic. Besides this, he helps the poor students by giving books, and sometimes with money. There is no clement of slow in his personality. He has dedicated his whole life to the cause of education. Mr. Arun Sharma is a book by himself. He is also a great social reformer. He is real guide, friend and philosopher. I draw inspiration from him. He is always before we like beacon light. So, he is my favourite teacher.

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