My Aim in Life or My Ambition in Life or My Goals in Life : Essay in English Language for Students Exams

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My Aim in Life or My Ambition in Life or My Goals in Life : Essay in English Language for Schools Students Exams.

Every person has his own desires, and his own aims for the future. Some people run after worldly wealth. They become doctors so that within no time they may amass a great fortune. Others are ambitious for power. I have no such ambitions. My ambition in life is to become an engineer and serve my country in that capacity.

There are several reasons for having engineering as my ambition in life. India has been on the road to economic development for the last fifty years. Our economy is in shambles. It is mainly the dearth of qualified and dedicated engineers that has held back the progress of the country. India lacks trained hands. Whatever engineers there are, they are mostly corrupt, dishonest and insincere. They are mainly interested in feathering their own nests than in the welfare of the masses. That is why our dams, bridges, roads and houses are all worthless. They do not last; they fall or crack within no time. Our engineers thrive while the nation suffer.

My ambition is to root out corruption and dishonesty from this profession. Besides, I have never liked table work and have always preferred outdoor life. No other profession provides this opportunity. To achieve my ambition, I am working hard to get good mark and I am confident of my success.

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