Mrs Packletide’s Tiger : Character Sketch & Summary in English Language

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Introduction of the Story

‘ Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger’ is the humorous story and sends one into peals of laughter. It depicts a strange situation created by the jealous nature of the Mrs. Packletide and Loona Bimberton. Mrs. Packletide took to a tiger shooting expedition just out of jealousy. She was inspired by a desire to outshine. Loona Bimberton who had lately enjoyed a ride in an aeroplane with an Algerian pilot, and she was proud of her adventurous air trip. Mrs. Packletide wanted to show that she was more adventurous than Loona. However, she happened to shoot down only a goat; the old tiger had died of heart failure. Miss. Mebbin, Mrs. Packletide’s paid companion, blackmailed her and got a lot of money to buy a week end cottage. In essence, the story is about the vanity of woman in high society.

Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger  – Full Summary & Character Sketch in English Language

Mrs. Packletide’s Ambition to Outshine Loona

Mrs. Packletide was an English lady. For some time, she was in India. She felt jealous of her friend Loona who had recently enjoyed an aeroplane ride with an Algerian pilot. She talked about her adventure. This made Mrs. Packletide sad. She decided to shoot a tiger to outshine her friend. If she succeeded in her adventure, her photograph would appear in the press. She would give a lunch party in honour of Loona. She would display the tiger skin at the party. She also decided to present a tiger claw brooch to Loona on her next birth day simply to win popularity.

Offer of a Thousand Rupees

Mrs. Packletide offered Rupees 1000 to a person who could provide an opportunity of shooting a tiger without much risk. The people of a nearby village accepted this tempting offer. They made arrangement for the shooting event. An old tiger used to wander about near this village. It had left game killing. It has taken to eating domestic animals.

Arrangement For Mrs. Packletide’s Adventure

The villagers made all the necessary arrangements to trap the tiger. Even the children were posted on the outskirts of the local jungle to drive the tiger back to the village. Mothers did not sing in the fields so that the tiger’s sleep might not be disturbed. They were only worried that it might die before the day of shooting. A day was fixed for the tiger hunt. A platform was constructed  on a tree. There sat Mrs. Packletide and her paid companion Miss Mebbin. A goat was tied at some distance as a bait for the tiger. It was bleating. Mrs. Packletide was eagerly awaiting the coming of the tiger. She was ready with a rifle.

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The Tiger Fell Down Dead

In the meantime, the tiger appeared on the scene. It lay on the ground for some time. Then it walked towards the goat. Mrs. Packletide aimed at the tiger. She fired a shot. The tiger sprang and fell down dead.

Short Lived Joy of Mrs. Packletide

The crowd of villagers gathered on the spot. They were excited. They celebrated their victory. Mrs. Packletide was very happy. She had achieved a wonderful success. But to her great discomfiture Miss Mebbin pointed out that the tiger bore no would. It had evendently died of heart failure caused by the loud report of the rifle shot. Thus Mrs. Packletide’s joy was short lived. She did not like this discovery made by Miss Mebbin.

Wide Publicity of the Event

Mrs. Packletide pleased the villagers by offering them a thousand rupees. They declared that the tiger had been killed by Mrs. Packletide. Soon the news of her adventure spread everywheredd. It was published in various newspapers.

Loona’s Jealously

Loona Learnt about Mrs. Packletide’s adventure. She felt jealous of her. She could not read the account of her adventure in the newspapers. She refused to attend the party arranged by Mrs. Packletide. However, she accepted coldly the gift of the tiger claw brooch.

Miss Mebbin Blackmailed Mrs. Packletide

Miss Mebbin was a clever woman. She was selfish, mean and very shrewd. She thought of exploiting the rivalry of Mrs. Packletide and Loona. She told her employer that if she leaked out the secret of tiger hunt, everybody would be amused. Mrs. Packletide got frightened. She said that no one would believe her story. Miss Mebbin at once replied that Loona would certainly believe her. She blackmailed her mistress and demanded money to keep her mouth shut. She wanted to buy a week end cottage near Dorking. Mrs. Packletide felt helpless. She had to pay for the cottage which Miss Mebbin named ‘Les Fauves – the Wild Beasts’. It remained a mystery for the people. They could not understand how she managed to buy it. Mrs. Packletide did not go hunting after that incident. She stopped it because the expenses were very heavy.

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