Most Important Idioms and Phrases With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 5

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161. A sore point with : something which hurts

162. No love lost between : not on good terms

163. Blowing your own trumpet : praising your own abilities and achievements

164. Of no avail : useless

165. Read between the lines : understand the hidden meaning

166. Fits and starts : not regularly

167. To play to the gallery : to seek to win approval

168. Like a phoenix : with a new life

169. To feather one’s nest : to profit in a dishonest way

170. Read between the lines : find more meaning than the words appear to express

171. To face the music : to bear the consequences

172. Ins and outs : full details

173. Went to the winds : dissipated

174. In high spirits : full of hope and enthusiasm

175. A bone of contention : a subject of dispute

176. Turn a deaf ear : disregard

177. On the verge of : on the brink of

178. Burnt his boats : left no means of retreat

179. Ended in a fiasco : was an utter failure

180. To give the devil his due : to give encouragement even to the enemy

181. Take with a grain of salt : to listen to something with considerable doubt

182. Pay through his nose : pay an extremely high price

183. Stand-offish : indifferent

184. Played havoc : caused destruction

185. To turn a deaf ear : to be indifferent

186. Ran riot : acted without restraint

187. Are going places : Talented and successful

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188. All at sea : Puzzled

189. To go the whole hog : to do it completely

190. Leaps and bounds : at a rapid pace

191. Hard and fast : strict

192. Cut no ice with me : had no influence on me

193. To be always at his beck and call : at his disposal

194. Gave the game away : gave out the secret

195. Bear with : have patience with

196. Give in : yield

197. Flogging a dead horse : Wasting Time in useless effort

198. Threw down the glove : gave a challenge

199. At one’s wit’s / wits’ end : to get puzzled

200. No love lost between : not on good terms


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