Most Important Idioms and Phrases With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 4

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121. Let the cat out of the bag : told her about it unintentionally

122. To blaze a trail : to lead the way as a pioneer

123. To flog a dead horse : to attempt to do the impossible

124. A good Samaritan : a helpful person

125. Run into : incurred

126. To smell a rat : to be suspicious

127. A damp squib : a disappointing result

128. To run one down : to disparage someone

129. Take for granted : to accept readily

130. Cannot hold a candle : cannot be compared to

131. Leaps and bounds : rapidly

132. Cheek by jowl : very near

133. To catch up with : to come to their level

134. Sharp practices : dishonest means

135. To bite the dust : none of the above

136. Shook in their shoes : trembled with fear

137. To face the music : to bear the consequences

138. To give him a piece of my mind : to reprimand him

139. Bad blood : angry feeling

140. To take a someone for a ride : to deceive someone

141. Turn an honest penny : make legitimate living

142. To put up with : to tolerate

143. A bolt from the blue : an unexpected event

144. Die in harness : still in service

145. To end in smoke : to come to nothing

146. Reading between the lines : looking for meanings that are not actually expressed

147. In the long run : ultimately

148. Brought up : introduced for discussion

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149. To smell a rat : to suspect a trick

150. By fits and starts : Irregularly

151. To have something up one’s sleeves : having a secret plan

152. To show a clean pair of heels : to escape

153. Put up with : tolerate

154. Put up with : endure

155. Enough rope : Enough freedom for action

156. At stake : in danger

157. Sweeping statement : Generalised statement

158. Fell through : failed

159. To take to one’s heels : to run away

160. An Axe to grind : a private interest to serve


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