Most Important Idioms and Phrases With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 3

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81. In a tight corner : In a difficult situation

82. The man in the street : the ordinary man

83. Fed up : annoyed

84. To move heaven and earth : to try everything possible

85. To take to heart : to grieve over

86. Token strike : Short strike held as a warming

87. A man in the street : an ordinary person

88. By leaps and bounds : rapidly

89. Turned a deaf ear : paid no heed

90. Turned a deaf ear : disregarded

91. Bone to pick : cause of quarrel

92. On the level : honest and sincere

93. Out and out : totally

94. Hadn’t a leg to stand on : did not have much hope of getting it

95. Made a clean breast of : Confessed

96. Drew on his fancy : used his imagination

97. Go through fire and water : undergo any risk

98. To strain every nerve : to make utmost efforts

99. A bolt from the blue : something unexpected and unpleasant

100. To call it a day : none of the above

101. Fair and square : honest

102. Cold blood murder :  a murder done without feeling

103. Turns up her nose at : despises

104. To fight tooth and nail : to fight a losing battle

105. A white elephant : costly or troublesome possession

106. Got the sack : was dismissed from

107. Made my flesh creep : horrified me

108. Look down upon : Regard with contempt

109. Hobson’s choice : no real choice at all

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110. Gave vent to their feelings : to express

111. To blow one’s own trumpet : to praise one’s own self

112. To eat humble pie : to apologise

113. Keep under wraps : secret

114. Put his foot down : asserted his authority

115. Spilling the beans : revealing the information indiscreetly

116. Took to his heels : ran away in fear

117. Sitting on the fence : hesitating which side to take

118. Herculean task : a work requiring very great effort

119. At one’s wit’s end : to be puzzled

120. A fair-weather friend : a friend who deserts you in difficulties


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