Most Important Idioms and Phrases With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 14

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521. I know the ropes : learn the procedures

522. Call a spade a spade : to speak in a straight forward manner

523. Batten down the hatches : prepare for a difficult situation

524. To throw dust in one’s eyes : to deceive

525. Look into : to investigate

526. Giving a piece of her mind : speaking sharply

527. Down in the dumps : sad and depressed

528. Swept under the carpet : kept hidden

529. To cut one short : to interrupt one

530. At a stretch : continuously

531. Thick and thin : in spite of all the difficulties

532. To play second fiddle : take a subordinate role

533. Paying through the nose : paying too much

534. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth : not to find fault with the gifts received

535. Barking up the wrong tree : trying to find something at a wrong place

536. All ears : attentive

537. Have something up your sleeve : have an alternative plan

538. Go at equal speed : keep up with

539. To apple of discord : cause of animosity

540. Bad egg : worthless

541. In a nut shell : in a brief manner

542. On the same page : thinks in a similar way

543. Dot one’s I’s and cross one’s t’s : be detailed and exact

544. By leaps and bounds : rapidly

545. Face the music : accept the punishment

546. Strained every nerve : worked very hard

547. Rubbed him up the wrong way : irked or irritated him

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548. Look sharp : pay attention

549. Break in : train

550. Cool his heels : to be kept waiting

551. Got down to business : began to work seriously

552. In the loop : informed regularly

553. Bury the hatchet : make peace

554. To cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth : live within one’s means

555. Beyond the pale : outside commonly accepted standards

556. Added fuel to the fire : worsened matters

557. Feel his pulse : find his views

558. White elephant : a costly but useless possession

559. Stirred the hornet’s nest : caused anger in many people

560. Bad hats : people of bad character


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