Morning Walk Benefits : Short Essay in English Language

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Short paragraph on A Morning Walk and its Benefits in English Language for students.

A morning walk in the early morning is the best of all exercise. It costs nothing. It is extremely useful for our health. It refreshes our mind, purifies our blood and sharpens our appetite. It fills our lungs with fresh and invigorating air. It strengthens our body and makes us feel active and smart. It prolongs our life. It saves us from many diseases, and health related problems. It is good for the old and the young, the sick and the weak. It develops in us the habit of rising early. It brings us close in contact with the nature. We see blooming flowers, green leaves and hear the sweet music of the birds. The dew drops, the fresh flowers and the rustling leaves capture our heart.

Nature appears in her best dress in the morning. Thus morning walk is a blessing in more than one way. It is God’s gift to man. It is specially necessary for those who have to do mental work. During walking all limbs of our body undergo an exercise. We enjoy sound sleep at night. Walking in a fresh air serves as a tonic to the young and the old alike. It gives joy to all. We should take morning walk in open places where fresh air can be had. The open fields, river side and solitary roads are the ideal places for walking. Besides, morning walk provides us to walk in company of friends. Some people prefer to walk alone. But if we walk alone, our mind may be full of cares and anxieties. Hence, the benefits of morning walk are many.

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