Medieval Period Indian History Selected Questions and Answers Set 6

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Q.1:- The two kingdoms established by the Indians in Indo-China included ?

  1. Champa and Kamboja
  2. Champa and Srivijaya
  3. Srivijaya and Kamboja
  4. Svarnbhumi and Champa

Q.2:- The Sun Temple of Konark was built by Narasimhadeva I. To which dynasty he belong to ?

  1. Somvansi Dynasty
  2. Gang Dynasty
  3. Suryavansi Dynasty
  4. Bhoi Dynasty

Q.3:- Who among the following was the author of “Tarikh-i-Alai”, which contains the details of first few years of Sultan Alauddin Khalji ?

  1. Ziauddin Barani
  2. Shams Siraj Afif
  3. Amir Khusrau
  4. Yahiya-bin-Ahmed

Q.4:- During the reign of Alauddin Khilji, who were Amil ?

  1. Government agents to collect land revenue
  2. Local landlords at village level
  3. Khurasani and Multani traders of food grains
  4. Banjaras who carried the foodgrains from village to town

Q.5:- The famous battle of Takkolam of South India was fought between ?

  1. Cholas and North Chalukyas
  2. Cholas and Rashtrakutas
  3. Cholas and Hoyasals
  4. Cholas and Pandyas

Q.6:- Who among the following witnessed the reign of seven Sultans of Delhi ?

  1. Amir Khusrau
  2. Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya
  3. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti
  4. None of these

Q.7:- Malik Kafur was whose General ?

  1. Balban
  2. Alauddin Khilji
  3. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq
  4. Firoz Shah Tughlaq

Q.8:- ‘When he attained kingship, he was quite independent of rules and orders of Shariat’. For which Sultan Barani made this statement ?

  1. Iltutmish
  2. Balban
  3. Alauddin Khilji
  4. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq

Q.9:- The Delhi Sultan who wrote his memoir was ?

  1. Iltutmish
  2. Balban
  3. Alauddin Khilji
  4. Firoz Tughlaq

Q.10:- Name one famous poet of the Delhi Sultanate, who was adorned with the title Tuti-e-Hindustan (The Parrot of India) ?

  1. Ziauddin Barani
  2. Utbi
  3. Alberuni
  4. Amir Khusrau

Q.11:- The Bahmani Kingdom was founded in the year ?

  1. 1336
  2. 1338
  3. 1347
  4. 1361
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Q.12:- The most important cause of the downfall of the Vijayanagar empire was ?

  1. Rivalries within the empire
  2. Unity among the Muslim rulers of Bijapur, Golconda and Ahmednagar
  3. Rebelion of the Hindu feudatories
  4. Weak successors of Krishnadeva Rai

Q.13:- The first dynasty of the Vijaynagar Kingdom was ?

  1. Sangama
  2. Tuluva
  3. Saluva
  4. Hoyasala

Q.14:- What is the meaning of Athavana ?

  1. Revenue department
  2. Revenue
  3. Import Tax
  4. Trade Tax

Q.15:- Taraf in the Bahmani Kingdom signified ?

  1. Province
  2. Lord Grant
  3. Transit Tax
  4. Gold Coin

Q.16:- The meaning of word Bantai during medieval period was ?

  1. Religion Tax
  2. System of calculating revenue
  3. Wealth Tax
  4. Property Tax

Q.17:- Who were the first Europeans to set up sea trade centres in India ?

  1. The English
  2. The French
  3. The Portuguese
  4. The Dutch

Q.18:- With reference to the colonial period of India, the trade monopoly of the East India Company was ended by ?

  1. The Regulating Act of 1773
  2. Pitt’s India Act of 1784
  3. The Charter Act of 1813
  4. The Charter Act of 1833

Q.19:- Who was the first Governor General of Bengal ?

  1. Robert Clive
  2. Warren Hastings
  3. William Bentick
  4. Cornwallis

Q.20:- The administration of the English East India Company in India came to an end of ?

  1. 1857
  2. 1858
  3. 1862
  4. 1892
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Q.21:- Shivaji defeated the Mughals in the battle of ?

  1. Purandhar
  2. Raigarh
  3. Salhar
  4. Shivner

Q.22:- In medieval India, druing the reign of Shivaji, the role of the official called Chitnis was to ?

  1. Be the in-charge of King’s personal security guard
  2. Be the in-charge of intelligence / espionage activity
  3. Be the matter of ceremonies in the royal court
  4. Be assisting the king with his correspondence

Q.23:- Who of the following became a member of the ‘Din-i-Ilahi’ ?

  1. Tansen
  2. Raja Man Singh
  3. Raja Birbal
  4. Todarmal

Q.24:- Who was called Zinda Pir (living saint) in Mughal India ?

  1. Akbar
  2. Aurangzeb
  3. Shahjahan
  4. Jahangir

Q.25:- Which important event took place in the history of India in the year 1526 ?

  1. The first battle of Panipat
  2. The second battle of Panipat
  3. Defeat of Humanyun at the hands of Shershah Suri
  4. None of these


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