Love For Animals or Kindness to Animals : Essays, Articles, Paragraphs in English Language

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Love For Animals or Kindness to Animals : Essays, Articles, Paragraphs in English Language for School Exams

Animals, like men, are the creatures of God. They are the inseparable part of this universe.  They are an important part of our life. They are necessary for our comfort and even for our very existence. They are serving us since time immemorial. Man made them friends when he came to know of their importance. They are helpful to us in various ways. Dog keeps watch over our houses. There are spy dogs who help us to trace out culprits. Cows. Buffaloes and goats give us milk. Horse and bullock draw our ploughs and carts. Horse and camel are used for riding and carrying heavy loads. Sheep give us wool.

Animals also give us skin, bone, meat and other useful articles. Horse is used in military operations. Animals also help us in maintaining the ecological balance. But it is a great pity that we love and look after animals till they are useful. Unfortunately, we in India do not treat them well. Young boys take pleasure in beating dogs and cats. The cows are not well-fed. The cart-men place heavy loads on the carts driven by bullocks and horses. They are overworked but they are not properly fed. Some animals are slaughtered and used as food. We forget that the same God who created us also created us also created the animals. They also feel pleasure and pain like us. But they are dumb and mute.

Animals cannot protest. So, we go on torturing them. How sad it is that when they grow old or sick or their utility ends we either kill them or dispose them off. Persons ill-treating the animals should be punished. Buddha, Christ and Ashoka taught us to love animals. It is our duty to love and treat them well. It has been said, “He prayeth well, who loveth”. both man, and bird and beast.

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