List of World’s Most Popular Sites ( Tourist Attraction ) in The World with City and Country Names

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There are numerous famous places (tourist attractions ) in the world. The places are very popular among the tourists from all over the world.

Here we have given a list of some of these popular tourists places of the world.


S. No. Name of The Sites Location City / Country of The Site
1 Al-Aqusa Mosque Jerusalem, Israel
2 Big Ben London, U.K.
3 Bradenberg Gate Berlin, Germany
4 Broadway New York, USA
5 Brown House Berlin, Germany
6 Buckingham Palace London, UK
7 Colossium Rome, Italy
8 Downing Street London
9 Eiffel Tower Paris, France
10 Fleet Street London, UK
11 Harley Street London, UK
12 Hyde Park London, UK
13 India House London, UK
14 Kaaba Mecca, Saudi Arabia
15 Kremlin Moscow, Russia
16 Leaning Tower Pisa, Rome
17 Louvre Paris, France
18 Merdeka Palace Jakarta, Indonesia
19 Oval London, UK
20 Pentagon Washington, USA
21 Potala Nanking, China
22 Pyramid Egypt
23 Red Square Moscow
24 Scotland Yard London, UK
25 Shwe Dragon Pagoda Yangon, Myanmar
26 Sphinx Egypt
27 Statue of Liberty New York, USA
28 Vatican Rome, Italy
29 Wailing Wall Jerusalem, Israel
30 Wall Street New York, USA
31 Westminster Abbey London, UK
32 White Hall London, UK
33 White House Washington, USA
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