List of Diseases of Cattle, Causative Agent, Transmission, Symptoms and Prevention

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Here we have given the list of disease of cattle, their agents & transmission, symptoms and prevention.

S. No. Diseases Causative Agent and Transmission Symptoms Prevention
1 Rinderpest Bacterial Disease Acute contagious and most fatal disease characterized by fever and inflammatory lesions of the mucous membranes, especially of alimentary canal, swelling and partial closing of the eyelid’s and discharge from nostrils, diarrhoea and death. Freeze dried virus vaccination. Isolation of infected animals.
2 Anthrax Bacterial Disease (Bacillus Anthracis) Transmission is through Contaminated food and water. High Fever, Marked Excitement, Abdominal Pain, Difficult Respiration, Bluish tinged Mucous Membrane and sudden death. Oozing of blood from the Orifices and rapid decomposition of carcasses. Ground should not be contaminated by discharges of affected animals. All natural Orifices of dead animals should be plugged. Anthrax spore vaccine is recommended.
3 Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Bacterial disease (Pasteurella Group) (Epidemiology is usually through digestive tract. Bacteria may also be spread by flies and mosquitos. Cessation of feeding and rumination, High fever, inflammatory swelling of throat and skin, successive salivation from mouth and acute gastroenteritis, swollen tongue and difficulty in respiration. Isolation of affected animals. H.S. adjuvant vaccine (Protection for 9 to 12 months)


4 Black Quarter Bacterial disease (Bacillus clauvelli)-soil bacterium (Transmission is through contaminated feed or through cuts) Acute rise in temperature, Lameness in hind leg, swellings in upper parts of hind limb, neck, shoulder and abdominal wall, skin over the swellings become dry, dark and cracked, etc. Isolation of diseased animals. Injuries should be properly dressed. Black quarter vaccine (Two doses.)
5 Mastistis Bacterial Disease (Staphilococci, Streptococci and Corynebacteria) (Contagious disease transmitted by milkers. Also spread by flies. Progressive inflammation of udder, high fever, appearance of flakes or dots in milk, increased alkanity of milk, fibrosis and abscess formation in the udder. Antibiotics like penicillin, streptomycin, aureomycin, terramycin, etc.
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