List of Different Types of Forests Found in India with Definition and Example

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List of Different Types of Forests Found in India with Definition and Example entranciology


Over 2 percent of world’s total forest area is covered by India. The total area under forest land in India is 20.64%. Madhya Pradesh, an Indian state, has the largest forest area in the country.

There are six types of forests are found in India. They are:-

(1) Deciduous Forests (Monsoon Forests): These are found in places that receive lesser rainfall between 150 cms to 200 cms, have an average temperature of 24o C to 28 o C and humidity is about 75%. Trees found in these forests are Sal and Sandal wood, and are spread across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnatka.

(2) Evergreen Forests (Tropical Forests): These are found in the areas that receive an average 200 cms to 300 cms of rainfall. Average annual temperature of these forests is 20 o C to 27 o C and average humidity is more than 80 percent. In India, these are found in Western Ghats and sun-Himalayan regions. Trees that grow in these forests are teak, rose wood, ebony and bamboos.

(3) Hill Forests: These are found in Southern India and Himalayas. Trees found are Pine, Oak, Deodar, Maple, Walnut and Chestnut.

(4) Tidal Forests (Mangrove): These are found in coastal submerged plains of Ganges (Sundarban), Delta of Mahanadi and Godavari.

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(5) Dry Forests: These are found in those areas which receive scant amount of rainfall between 75 cms to 100 cms. The forests have an average annual temperature is between 23 o C to 29 o C, and humidity 50 to 60 percent. Palm trees and Acacias trees are found in these forests.

(6) Grasslands: These are found in hilly areas of Himalayas, Deccan hills above 100 meters, lowlands as in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar and riverine grassland.



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