List of Common Fruits and Their Edible Parts

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Here, we have given a full list of the edible parts of the common fruits.


Apple: Fleshy Thalamus

Banana: Mesocarp and Endocarp

Cashew Nut: Peduncle and Cotyledons

Coconut: Endosperm

Gram: Cotyledons and Embryo

Grapes: Pericarp and Placenta

Groundnut: Cotyledons

Guava: Entire Fruit

Jackfruit: Bract, Perianth and Seed

Litchi: Aril

Mango: Mesocarp

Mulberry: Entire Fruit

Orange: Juicy Hair

Papaya: Mesocarp

Pear: Fleshy Thalamus

Pine: Apple: Bract and perianth

Tomato: Pericarp and Placenta

Wheat: Starchy Endosperm



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