Letter to The General Manager of The Delhi Transport Corporation Complaining About The Rude and Rough Behaviour of Bus Conductors

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Write a letter to the General Manager of The Delhi Transport Corporation complaining about the rude and rough behaviour of bus conductors.

XYZ, Anand Vihar, Delhi

28th October, 2018.


The General Manager

Delhi Transport Corporation,

New Delhi


I wish to draw your kind attention towards the rude behaviour of bus conductors with the passengers. Most of conductors are very rude, rough and unrefined in their behaviour, even with the women passengers. Even when a passenger talks in a polite and well civilized manner, they greet him with rough answer in disrespectful manner.

Many conductors never bother about passengers’ costly and useful time and security, and care little whether they have boarded the bus or stumbled and fallen. Thus they always play with the life of the passengers.

On last Monday, a woman, perhaps a foreigner, was first badly abused and then threatened by the conductor of bus no. 721. The co-passengers of the bus were very ashamed of this misbehaviour of the conductor, and felt sympathy for the woman. I was surprised when noticed that the conductor didn’t even regret for his rude behaviour later. Such bad practices ruin the pride of our country. I am the witness of this glaring instance of crude behaviour and height of vulgarity.

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My humble suggestion is that all those who are recruited for the post of bus conductors in the Transport Corporation of Delhi must be well trained in how to behave with the passengers and other public so that profession of the bus conductor could get respect in the society, and passengers can feel safe and secure during their journey.

Yours Faithfully

Aman Kumar Verma

Anand Vihar, Delhi


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