Indian Economy Selected Questions and Answers Set 6

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Q.1:- Where is the Forest Reserve Institute of India located ?

  1. Dehradun
  2. Bhopal
  3. Lucknow
  4. Delhi

Q.2:- Among the following rivers which one is the largest ?

  1. Godavari
  2. Krishna
  3. Narmada
  4. Yamuna

Q.3:- Which among the following is an international river ?

  1. Brahmaputra
  2. Cauvery
  3. Krishna
  4. Narmada
  5. Mahanadi

Q.4:- The facility which allows mobile subscribers to switch from one service provider to another without changing their mobile number is known as Mobile Number ? [Andhra Bank PO 2009]

  1. Promatability
  2. Protectability
  3. Portability
  4. Permeability
  5. None of these

Q.5:- Which of the following is not covered under ‘Bharat Nirman’ ?

  1. Rural Housing
  2. Rural Hospitals
  3. Rural Water Supply
  4. Rural Electrification

Q.6:- The first electric train (Deccan Queen) of India was run between ?

  1. Kalyan and Pune
  2. Mumbai and Surat
  3. Howrah and Delhi
  4. Delhi and Chennai

Q.7:- Disinvestment is ?

  1. Offloading of shares of private companies to government
  2. Offloading of government shares to private companies
  3. Increase in investment
  4. Closing down of business concerns

Q.8:- Which of the following car companies has launched a small cheaper car ‘Nano’ ? [Oriental Bank of Commerce PO 2008]

  1. Maruti Suzuki Udyog Ltd
  2. Hyundai Motor India Ltd
  3. Hindustan Motor Ltd
  4. Tata Motors Ltd
  5. None of these

Q.9:- Urbanisation and Industrialization are determined to ?

  1. Sustainable development
  2. Environment and Ecology
  3. Preservation of biodiversity
  4. All of these

Q.10:- Expand the term LIBOR ?

  1. London Inter-Bank Offered Rate
  2. London Inter-Bank Operational Rate
  3. London Inter-Bank Offsite Rate
  4. London Inter-Bank Onsite Rate
  5. None of these

Q.11:- Which one of the following statement is correct ?

  1. Good money drives bad money out of circulation
  2. Bad money drives good money out of circulation
  3. Good and bad money cannot circulate together
  4. Cannot Say
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Q.12:- In India, one-rupee coins and notes and subsidiary coins are issued by ?

  1. The Reserve Bank of India
  2. The Central Government
  3. The State Bank of India
  4. The Unit Trust of India

Q.13:- Dinar is the currency of which of the following countries ?

  1. Sudan
  2. Myanmar
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Pakistan
  5. Iraq

Q.14:- The European Union has adopted which of the following as a common currency ?

  1. Dollar
  2. Dinar
  3. Yen
  4. Peso
  5. Euro

Q.15:- FDI refers to ?

  1. Fixed Deposit Interest
  2. Fixed Deposit Investment
  3. Foreign Direct Investment
  4. Future Derivative Investment
  5. None of these

Q.16:- In Indian currency, the One Rupee Note is issued under the signature of ?

  1. Governor of Reserve Bank of India
  2. President of India
  3. Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of India
  4. Finance Minister, Government of India

Q.17:- Bolivar is monetary unit of ?

  1. Venezuela
  2. Brazil
  3. Bolivia
  4. Belarus

Q.18:- A rise in SENSEX means ?

  1. A rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange.
  2. A rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with National Stock Exchange.
  3. An overall rise in prices of share of group up companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange.
  4. A rise in prices of shares of all companies belonging to a group of companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange.

Q.19:- In Calculation of index of wholesale prices which one of the following sector is assigned maximum weightage ?

  1. Food Articles
  2. Non-Food Articles
  3. Fuel, Power, Light and Lubricants
  4. Manufactured Products

Q.20:- In the parlance of financial investment, the term ‘bear’ denotes ?

  1. An investor who feels that the price of a particular security is going to fall ?
  2. An investor who expects the price of particular shares to rise
  3. A shareholder or a bondholder who has an interest in a company, financial or otherwise
  4. Any lender whether by making a loan or buying a bond
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Q.21:- Debenture holders of a company are its ?

  1. Shareholders
  2. Creditors
  3. Debtors
  4. Directors

Q.22:- Green Banking means ?

  1. Development of forestry by banks
  2. Financing of environment friendly projects by banks
  3. Financing of irrigation projects by banks
  4. None of the above

Q.23:- It is said that ‘good banker is one who knows the distinction between mortgage and a ………. ?

  1. Hundi
  2. Bill of Exchange
  3. Liquid Assets
  4. Bond

Q.24:- Which of the following is / are treated as artificial currency ?

  1. ADR
  2. GDR
  3. SDR
  4. Both ADR and SDR

Q.25:- Before opening a new branch of a bank, banks are required to take mandatory permission / license from ?

  1. Reserve Bank of India
  2. India Bank Association
  3. Securities and Exchange Board of India
  4. State Government
  5. None of these


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