Increasing Crime Rates in The Society : Essay, Articles, Paragraphs in English Language

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Increasing or Growing Crime Rates in The Society : Essay, Articles, Paragraphs in English Language for Students Exams

The modern era is completely in the grip of criminals and the crimes in the society are on the increase day by day. Not a single fraction of second passes, when one does not hear the crimes in the society in one corner or the other. It look as if all are becoming criminals were hard core criminals. They were either nabbed by the police or were eliminated in the encounters. But today a new breed of gentlemen criminals have emerged who commit crimes so meticulously that they leave behind no clue for the police. These gentlemen are in-fact the educated folk who are lured to crime by the glamour of the underground.

The increase in the crime rate is due to lack of moral education and proper upbringing. In the present system of education, moral education finds no place and the youths often go astray from their path. In this regard it is the sacred duty of the society, academicians and educationists to devise such steps that may lessen the increasing state of crimes in the society.

We should inculcate in youths such type of education that rests on moral building and money making. Vocational education should form the part and parcel of our syllabus. We should bring a significant change in the defective system of education as the present system does not provide any replacement. So they are forced to have tension, trouble and ultimately indulge in crimes.

In order to decrease the crime rate we can take an example from USA where every student is trained from dish-washing to higher education so that he should never be a parasite on the society any longer. Our politicians and educationists should prepare such books that can raise their morale. Extra care should be paid to make it job oriented so that they may never indulge in any criminal activities. Much depends on the government and society to do something for decreasing the crime rates.

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