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GK Notes : List of Important International Boundary Lines.

S. No. Name of the International Boundary Line Names of the Related Countries
1 Durand Line (drawn in 1896) Pakistan and Afghanistan (It was determined by Sir Motiger Durand of Britain). Afghanistan doesn’t recognize it as the International Frontier.
2 Radcliff Line (drawn in 1947) India and Pakistan (It was determined by Sir Redcliff on 15th August 1947.
3 McMohan Line (drawn in 1914) India and China (Arunachal Pradesh Region). It was determined by Sir McMohan of Britain through a treaty, in 1914. Its length is 700 miles.
4 24th Parallel Pakistan claims that it is boundary between India and Pakistan in Rann of Katchh but India does not accept it.
5 17th Parallel North Vietnam and South Vietnam
6 38th Parallel North Korea and South Korea
7 49th Parallel Canada and USA
8 Hindenberg Line Germany and Poland (determined during the First World War)
9 Maginot Line Germany and France
10 Seigfried Line Fortification between Germany and France. It was constructed by Germany in the forms of walls, minerals and army posts between France and former Germany before the World War II.
11 Oder-Nisse (Oder-Neisse) Line

Germany and Poland


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