Importance of Girl (Women) Education : Short Essay in English Language

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Short paragraph on the topic “Importance of Girl (Women) Education” in English Language.

“For uplifting a nation, focus on the importance of girl or women education”.

It is a hard fact known to all that we remained far behind in educating the girls (women). In the British Regime, there used to be no more good arrangements for educating the girls. Even the parents never bothered to send their daughters to the schools and colleges because of sheer ignorance, narrow-mindedness and superstition. Only a few girls could get proper education from high families.

After independence, the Government of India tried her best to spread education in every nook and corner of the country.  The Indian Government also emphasized for the girls education and empowerment. Consequently, a sea change occurred in our educational system. We should not forget that the uplifting of a nation completely depends on women education. It is a considered fact that a woman is the first teacher of her ward in the house. In case she is well educated, the house progresses by leaps and bounds.

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The same is the case with the nation. If the girls or women of a nation are well in their educational set up, a nation is bound to progress. It is she who can tackle complicated problems. She is a ship in which the whole family can cross the sea safely. At present population will be no more. Simultaneously other problems will automatically cease. Hence there is a great need for the education of the girls if we want to reach the highest peaks in the world in different phases.


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